For Your Information: Permanently Modified Mortgages Grow by 45%

- By Bossip Staff

The Obama administration Friday said its mortgage modification program continued to make progress, with the number of homeowners receiving permanently reduced monthly payments in February increasing by 45% to 168,708. Continue..

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  • Kool Breeze

    Am I the only one with a house in this mutha…lol


    Who ever got their loan modified must not have CHASE 😦 CHASE is the worst!!!!! They are not willing to help anybody. THEY NEED TO STOPPED !!!

  • Zina (The Original Princess)

    No, National City (PMC) is worse than Chase because National City (PMC) likes to play games!

  • 1TruDiva's away from her desk. Leave a message.

    Chase Home finance is reviewing my paperwork as I type!

    I’m praying I can get the loan modification!!!


    Trudiva, sorry to tell you that Chase maybe looking over your paperwork, but they will tell you that they are missing some type of paperwork even if you sent everthing they asked for. I’ve been there done that twice. My mother-in-law has sent her paperwork three times. (*google chase and read about what others has been trough*)I pray that they help you!!!!!!

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