ChitChatter: Gilbert Arenas Says He Was Holding 500 Firearms At His Crib, He Deserves To Be Punished

- By Bossip Staff

Agent Zero, who is soon changing his number to 6 speaks out on his current situation with Esquire Magazine:

Gilbert Arenas says he deserves to be punished for bringing guns to the locker room.

The suspended Washington Wizards guard told Esquire magazine that he wasn’t using “longevity thinking” when he took out four guns in what he says was an attempt to play a prank on teammate Javaris Crittenton in December. Arenas pleaded guilty to a felony gun charge in January and will be sentenced next week. He has been suspended until the end of the season by the NBA.

In the Esquire interview, which hits newsstands next week and was obtained by The Associated Press in advance, Arenas says he has “messed up” the legacy of Wizards owner Abe Pollin, who died in November. “I have a painting of him in my garage. I just walk by it with my head down,” Arenas said. “I called Mrs. Pollin and said, ‘If Abe was still with us, I would’ve had to talk to him, so I’m gonna give you the same respect. I want to say sorry to you. I deserve to be punished. I’ll do everything it takes to get back your husband’s respect.'”

Arenas has kept a low profile since his guilty plea. He told the AP this month that he would have “no problems” playing for the Wizards again and that he’s not nervous about his sentencing date as long as the judge “goes off the actual real story” of what happened. Last week, he submitted paperwork to change his jersey from No. 0 to No. 6 next season. Arenas told Esquire that he used to have as many as 500 firearms in his home, having bought many of them from an elderly man’s World War I collection. He says he put all but four of them in storage when he started having children. Arenas also said that he and Crittenton returned to good terms almost immediately after their confrontation, which stemmed from a card game on the team plane. Crittenton also displayed a gun during the spat and was sentenced to unsupervised probation for a misdemeanor gun charge.

“He goes into the Jacuzzi,” Arenas told the magazine. “You know what? I gotta warm my knee up anyway. I go in and sit with him. We’re just sitting in there talking. We didn’t have no problem. It was just some fun that got out of control.” Arenas also gave his perspective on another fallen star, Tiger Woods, separating the golfer’s infidelity from the sport.

“Say it’s all true,” Arenas said. “At the end of the day, that’s not the reason I love Tiger. I got three Tiger Woods games for my Xbox just in case one gets scratched. On the cover, it doesn’t have him walking next to his wife. It just has Tiger Woods, hitting shots.”

SMH at him not using “longevity thinking”…WTF is that??


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  • ohnooooo

    He’s paranoid. Point blank.

  • Jay

    Second damn bruh 500 guns… then again he does live in ghetto DC… im just sayin

  • NC QUE


    Saying you deserve to be punished will not save you fam!

    If I had his money… I’d get me boat, empty my bank accounts and dip off where I couldn’t be found!

    I’d be in Africa living like King Jaffe Joe!!!

  • RazeKane


  • shawamar

    I didnt realize this dude was a Redneck. 500 Guns, WTF..


    I hope they give his simple azz 6 years in harmony with his new jersey number!!!

  • CALL 16153647233 TO TALK TO A RACIST


  • memchee

    will they ever learn to sit down and just shut-up for a minute, return and let their talent speak for itself?

    No they won’t!!!

    Hence, the problem with taking more care of the brawn than the brain!!!

    Someone should offer their pr services to him with a shell of a plan; charge astronomical fees and collect.

  • phillyindubai

    Maybe was waiting for Shaq to play in DC

  • BritChick

    Such a fine looking brother too. Pity.

  • im that bitch im her

    damn it was a prank get over it peolpe.what he said bout tiger is right. we all f up in life and why should he be on display like he is more or less then us. he is normal. he just have more money.we like to talk down on some one else situation but hate to on the chopping block.

  • serfewse

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  • Grownazzwoman

    He doesn’t live in DC Jay you diot!!!

  • Grownazzwoman


    He does not live in DC you IDIOT!!!! Check you facts. DC haters are in the house as usual!!!!

  • lt


  • Prynce Concieted (i SAY WHAT THE &$#* i WANT)

    thas sad to be..these athelets make more money then the president and yet they continue to use bad judgement..or they just dont think @ all…who uses a real gun to play a prank wtf ??

  • Queen*Pen

    WHY DOESN’T HE JUST SHUT-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    He should STFU while the suspension is only for the rest of the season. BUT gun enthusiasts typically have large amounts of guns. 500 is about average if you have the loot or know somebody that knows somebody.

  • Marquis de Sade

    😆 N i g g a tryin’ to swagga’ jack Matt Drudge or Paul Winchell.

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