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Bling Bishop Lamor Whitehead is facing new fraud charges for allegedly forging documents to buy his $1.3 million mansion with $10 in his account. Jesus, take the wheel of the Rolls Royce!

Bishop Lamor Whitehead At The BET Hip Hop Awards 2022

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The pastor who went viral for a Sunday service robbery that many speculated was staged, is accused of scamming again. The New York Post reports that Whitehead “told a bank his business had $2 million in its coffers when it had less than $10.”

Bishop Whitehead Allegedly Forged Documents To Apply For A $250K Business Loan Before The $1.3 Million Home.

Federal prosecutors claim Whitehead submitted fake bank documents online to apply for a $250,000 loan for his company Anointing Management Services LLC, in 2018. He didn’t get the loan, but prosecutors said he tried to scam again.

From his frequent flexing online, it was hard to miss the six-bedroom, seven-bathroom Paramus, New Jersey mansion, and Whitehead allegedly used the same fake paperwork to apply for the $1.3 million mortgage to buy it.

According to the indictment, he submitted paperwork “entirely fabricating a bank account that did not in fact exist.” Whitehead also allegedly sent the bank statements of an account with more than $2 million “when in fact during that time period [the business] had an average ending balance of less than ten dollars.”

These accusations make PPP fraud look like the ABCs.

Bishop Whitehead Speaks Out, Calling The Charges “A Political Attack”

Two days after the indictment, Bishop Whitehead appeared on “Way Up With Angela Yee” to set the record straight. Although he couldn’t comment on details about the ongoing case, he wanted to clear up what he explained away as a series of unfortunate events.

“This is an attack on a Black man. This is more a political attack,” he explained on the podcast. “You guys are going to see as things progress that I’m collateral damage.”

“We talk about how the police kill Black men, but we don’t talk about how court documents and court paperwork and prosecution kill Black men. They not only destroy us financially, but they also kill our credibility. And this is what you’re seeing happening to me right now,” the Bishop said.

“I became not a human being. I became content.”

He said he’s “big on accountability.” However, he claims all the allegations against him, even that he set up his own robbery, are false. When asked about previous accusations that he stole $90,000 from an elderly parishioner, he said the accuser was never one of his parishioners, and her son really took the money.

Whitehead believes he’s been targeted by not only his church robbers, the mother of a bitter ex-member, local police, and prosecutors, but also the FBI. He claimed the alleged extortion victim was the real conman and an FBI informant. When asked why either would plot against him, Whitehead speculated it would get the conman out of more criminal charges.

Whitehead has an answer for everything. How convenient! He paints a compelling picture where he is the real victim of every criminal charge and accusation and law enforcement and prosecutors are the only entities with a worse track record for credibility than him.

Do you think Bishop Lamor Whitehead is a victim of the system or a fraud frolicking in Fendi?



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