Is Justin Timberlake Dumping Jessica Biel To Get Back With Cameron Diaz?

- By Bossip Staff

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been dogged with breakup rumors for awhile now… Is it True or False that his ex Cameron Diaz has finally come between them? Pop the hood to find out.

Justin and Cameron have reunited, but it’s just for a movie. The two are playing romantic interests in Sony Pictures upcoming comedy Bad Teacher.

In the comedy, which began filming this month, Diaz, 37, plays a middle school teacher who gets dumped by her boyfriend and begins hooking up with another teacher, played by Timberlake, 29. (There’s even a hotel room sex scene!) This isn’t the first time the two — who split in 2007 after nearly four years of dating — have been spotted together this year. They were seen mingling and laughing at the Hope for Haiti Now telethon in L.A.

And while it’d be normal for any girlfriend to be concerned about their partner doing a sex scene with an ex, Timberlake’s other half — Jessica Biel has said she is “super-excited” to see the film and that “it sounds fantastic.”

Yeah right! Girl you better step up the “Becky” before Justin starts calling talking about “working late”


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  • Somali Ninga


  • resurrected

    Well I guess it is great that they still can work together but it does seem like Justin is about to dump Jessica because that is his pattern..

  • bklynlady

    That would not be a good look. Jessica is smashing Cameron

  • bklynlady

    That would not be a good look! Jess is smashing Cameron Diaz

  • Matix B

    @ Samoli your beady little eyes have me rollong! Really looks like you farted! LMFAO!

  • Matix B



    @ GLOK…WTF…HUH???? LOL!!!!

  • Somali Ninga

    @ Matix B

  • I like hittin men AND women in the back


  • Gimmeabreak78

    Another snoozer!


  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Whether he did or didn’t? it’s very much his life however,I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it for the sake of publicity since he’s that type!

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    We don’t care about these genetic recessive albinos.

  • the sane one

    I would have a problem if he was my man!

  • s.i.y.t

    my analogy??? Justin is the naive one. jess cant do much to stop his career but Cameron (who is still in love with him) can play like a friend and try her best to always be where he is. jess is too sensitive for the biz to be everywhere he is and frankly he doesn’t want her to be. he wants her at home. Justin will believe everything is all friendly with Cameron, all the while Cameron is trying to make him fall for her again. i love Justin but i wouldn’t want to be with his flighty behind.


    he always dates boring chicks…..

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    it’s all orchestrated by their handlers for goodness sake. what are the odds that the show is mirroring their lives. these are just puppets, that is all.

  • bluekid

    He’s Gay!

  • blackguys

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  • Echt Worten

    Glok.. Da Messiah! is a white boy, that is he isn’t black he sure find ways to degrade black people without a consciousness that to degrade one it to degrade we all.

    Regarding Timberlake, this guy pissed me off when he left Janet holding the bag on the itty incident at the Superbowl.

    Not too many of you socalled black supporters stepped to the plate supporting this sister from that matter.

    Why is Timberlake being mentioned here. This site is slowly making coffee weaker by mixing it with those milk stories.

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