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The usually tore-up Shar Jackson attended the Madden NFL 09 VIP premiere party in LA last night looking halfway decent. Which is a good look for a broad who is always looking haggardly lame. It’s amazing what a flat iron and Britney Spears child support money can do.

Zoe Saldana attended some event in NYC, see below:

Photos: WENN/Wireimage

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  • caramellatte

    2nd…LOL! Too funny. They both look nice

  • mz.cee

    …nice improvement for Shar!

  • FineAsWine

    ummmm yeah…I guess she looks decent..pretty face…a little resemblance to a line backer….but not bad from her days on MO to tha E to tha…………MOESHA 😉 lol

  • sniper

    she’s big

  • Hannibal


  • The Caps Lock button should be banned...or used appropriately. (Re)

    Wow…apart from her eyebrows growing in a straight line above her eyes, this is the best I’ve seen her.

    Although I have to say one thing…why in the heebus jeebus is her name SHAR?


    K Fed is making it Rizzle on her wit Brits money…

  • Jahp

    I would rather hear stories about Kim Kardashian instead of these two sell outs…

  • The( Delicious ♄ ) Ms. Sugar Walls

    Britany, isn’t doing that bad neither.. She got herself together..If she didn’t give up custody of her children..she stood to lose 50 million..So..I would of gave up custody also. She is going to fight for 50/50 custody of her children at the end of her term which is on October 28, 2008. She won’t be under the custody of her Dad..Jaime Spears.

  • Earth Sign (Wake up black zombies!!)

    I dont think she used to look tore up. Shes a beautiful woman. Her clothes probably wasnt on point thats it. Whoever wrote that s*it need to shut the f**k up.

  • Earth Sign (Wake up black zombies!!)

    @The( Delicious ♄ ) Ms. Sugar Walls

    All Im saying about Britany is, ever since Madonna and her had kissed, she aint never been the same.

  • The Caps Lock button should be banned...or used appropriately. (Re)

    Those eyebrows are so straight…

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Much better…. she finally took the cheap contacts out and got her hair done before stepping out. I think she finally starting to get it.

  • bree

    Shar is still not the business..but her teeth look nice

    Britney is trash..but i do like her music..her album BLACKOUT is pretty good..

  • Baby Please

    Didn’t she have lipo and tummy tucks and things?

  • Baby Please

    LOL @ The Caps Lock Button.

  • digi snacks

    i would lick shar’s booty hole

  • Aunt Viv

    Shar looks good, Zoe always looks like she’s running a fever.

  • reddnwood

    So were Shar & Zoe there looking for white boys? LOL!!!!

  • The Caps Lock button should be banned...or used appropriately. (Re)

    If she could just stop waxing in a straight line…

  • The Caps Lock button should be banned...or used appropriately. (Re)

    …her brows may have some arch to it…

  • southern sway

    wow she looks pretty in this pic. Zoe looks like she is on some kind of drugs.


    Shar has a really cute smile.

  • Moreaces

    She does look cute in this pic,, but what has she done lately, except for live of Britney flow

  • Moreaces

    @Sugarwalls, actually it ends at the end of December, that is when the conservatorship(sp) is over, and Brit gets her life back,,

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