Poor Thang: Gary Dourdan Catches A Beatdown From His Partner In Swirl… Actor’s Girlfriend Brings The Claws Out

- By Bossip Staff

Move over Rihanna… Domestic violence has a new posterchild — and it’s a man baby! More on actor Gary Dourdan’s beatdown by girlfriend Maria when you pop the hood.

The girlfriend of ex-CSI actor Gary Dourdan was arrested on domestic violence charges Tuesday, RadarOnline.com has confirmed.

Maria Asis del Alamo was taken into custody at a Venice, California home in connection with misdemeanor domestic battery, after authorities responded to a call and found the 43-year-old CSI star marked up with scratches.

She was subsequently released on $20,000 bail.

Too bad Dourdan doesn’t work on “CSI” anymore. He could have handcuffed her himself and saved the bail money.


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  • fu*ck the shyt on here

    he probably cheated on her

    or sold her shyt for drugs

  • Don'tGiveAWhat

    LMAO @ Warwick.

    She’s pretty… kinda Penelope Cruz-ish. (But to Gary, she must look like Elin Woods….)

  • B3 Fearless

    Hmmm. Good for him for not being ashamed to file charges against her.

  • The Hater's Hater

    Gary caught a beat down from a female!!! A Latin one at that too!! First Tiger Woods, now Gary Dourdan Some black dudes think by dating non-black women they will find peace and no aggression. Truth is that these non black females will beat you down unlike black women who will run and cry to her mama, granny, sister, cousins, girlfriends, or her gay friend.

  • always knew

    hahhahhahahahahhahahaha…giggle giggle

  • http://Followmeontwitter@lawrenceatc Lawrence

    When keeping it real goes wrong….SMH

  • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com/ Choco

    I won’t laugh cuz beating a nicca’s azz in defense and getting a dv charge is not funny!

  • You Smell Me??

    See what happens when the roles are reversed?
    Give certain women an inch and they take a mile…

    Now you got men who fear protecting themselves from women for fear of public backlash…

    All a chick gotta do is say you hit her. She aint gotta mention the fact that she tried to stab your a$$ with a butter knife…

    Your best bet is to try to trip a bit*h if she chasing you around the house.

  • Man, I just don't care™

    See, my very own Momma said if a woman try to get in a man’s place and attack you, then you treat her like a man and beat her azz.

    Worry about the fall-out AFTERWARDS cuz she could KILL YOU while you worried about what’s in the newspaper and chit.

  • NAW


  • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com/ Choco

    LMAO @ You smell me…

  • You Smell Me??

    @ Man

    My mom said the same thing,

    “If a woman wanna act like a man, you treat her like a man..” -Momma

  • fu*ck the shyt on here

    man take thoes blue contacts out

    and you would probably see the bytch coming


  • Man, I just don't care™

    “My mom said the same thing,

    ‘If a woman wanna act like a man, you treat her like a man.’ -Momma”

    …and I ain’t NEVA had a bytch get out line yet…

    **thank you Momma!**

  • waka waka

    Dudes can’t win..Hit her back your a monster woman beater…let her beat you..you are a wuss. Make up your minds

  • GOALdigger

    @you smell me

    Yea that’s what chris brown thought.

    Naw he did the right thing. I hope she get punished just like it was the other way around.

  • will the dr. ever come back?

    Uhh Huhhh and they say the don’t date black women cause we all crazy. Becky’s and Maria’s are losing it too!

  • real black is chocolate

    he’s not black. f’ck him!!

    pls black men and women marry your own.

  • ♠♡❥☛【NYWOMAN23】☚♤☂♥

    she resembles brittany murphy

  • ♠♡❥☛【NYWOMAN23】☚♤☂♥

    & penelope cruz

  • fngrl17

    Anybody with common sense knows he could’ve easily broken her back but I’m sure he restrained himself purposely to avoid another Chris Brown incident,although his career is already f’d up.

  • Candid Canuck

    haha imma tell my wifey this… she used to love this guy off … Hard

  • foxxy cleopatra foster

    In the words of Riley, “That’s a bish move”



  • Steve

    Oh lord… enough with the “forgotten their black women” ish. I’ve dated women of all ethnicities and I’ve never forgotten my mother, grandmother or any of the black women in my family.

    That said….

    She’s 21. He’s 43. Clearly he ain’t looking for a real relationship or he would be a woman who can legally rent a car at Avis.

    Clearly she’s looking to eat off dude or she wouldn’t even look twice at a dude old enough to be excused from service in the armed forces.

    Get it together people. It’s 2010. You promised you’d stop being triflin’ in 2009.

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