*EXCLUSIVE PICS* BOSSIP Has The VIBE Photos Of Chris Brown That You’ve NEVER Seen Before!!!

- By Bossip Staff

If you hated us last week for calling your precious Chris Brown a crybaby, you should love us this week because we have images that you won’t find almost anywhere else on the internet. Chris Brown covered the first issue of the newly launched VIBE Magazine and we got our hands on some great outtakes from their photoshoot. Try not to flip when you see the flicks on the flipside.

How do you feel about Chris’ outtakes — we really like the one with the special effects. Too bad they’re aren’t really two of him. Maybe then he’d do a better job juggling all those girls.

See The Full Gallery On VIBE.com

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  • Wendy

    I like the second photo…They are nice, Chris will always be a cutie.

  • NiSi

    CMBrOwN™ ThAt’s My BaBy !!! i lUv Me SoMe ChRiS BrEeZy !!! xoxo NiSi

  • B3 Fearless

    Cute pics.

    Love the sungla s ses he’s wearing in the pic with black suit & leather gloves.

    I liked how they tried to be artistic in the other 2 pics.


    i just love this boy… rih must be sitting somewhere regretting turning on him.

    go Chris

  • cf

    @repository rih turnt on him?? nah he turnt on her when he hit her… follow me @cece_f

  • http://youtube.com/nathaliedoll lala


  • Her Karma=His Redemption

    Sorry…but that’s a GOOD LOOKING young man!!!

  • katrina

    @say what? you say nobody want to see him, but I see you are checking him out on this site. Are you sure Rihanna has moved on? She really scored big huh? Well, I guess when she finds other women interested in him,she will do the samething she did to Chris…check his text messages, email, etc. The girl has serious control issues. She made money off putting Chris onfront street and he didnt return the man. Let God be the judge and I suggest you step up to the plate and admit Chris is an amazing person. God Bless you!

  • say what?

    @katrina whatever, she may have control issues and he does too, after all, he couldn’t CONTROL himself when he hauled off and beat her. Also he has anger problems as well, so he ain’t that squeaky clean as you are making him out to be. And you should be glad the only place she put him was on front street, because where he really needed to be was behind bars.

  • qwe

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  • babygirl

    UMM @ say what u need to stfu with that b u l l s h i t now nobody knows what happen between the two of them that night or their whole relationship. The woman beater thing is getting really old now so leave the young man let him be. Who are u 2 judge him. Are u a saint? Besides the man has apologized and both of them have moved on and so should you.

  • Jasmine

    Yeah, maybe Chris Brown’s mama should have aborted his azz 21 years ago. Fag Woman-beater. Go ahead and let him be a mixtape artist for the rest of his life. Myabe it suits him.


    @ Jazmine

    go crawl under a rock….


    @ say what
    you crazy too… black people never support other blacks so what if he beat her? i personally dont think rih has moved on, the public forced her to leave him, she still loves him (you can also tell from the pic with her and matt, my girl is not HAPPY) she misses him “HARD”

  • say what?

    @baby girl. I sayz what the fu@K i want, and all i wanna know is who gon check me boo. Its my opinion, and I’m entitled to it.

  • say what?

    @repository, I do support other blacks, but if you’re wrong you’re wrong, why try to sugar coat things and sweep it under the rug, like you guys wanted rihanna to do, by saying she put him on front street. Should she have just gotten beat, and pretend it never happen, and keep it inside forever. People say talking is theraphy, so if she wanted to air it all, I say good for her. People always want to say forgive chris and move on, but those are the same people who keep condeming rihanna and saying she did this or that to him. If you guys can’t forgive rihanna, why should we forgive Chris.

  • Precious

    Jasmine may you slip of the road and die since thats what you want for your fellow human being

  • stephanie

    judge not lest ye be judged! the both of them need forgivness. let’s start loving one another more than we do. we know his issues cause he’s a public figure. some of you may have the same issue the world just don’t know your name! it’s all about Jesus people!

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  • Bossip's Commenting Thing Sucks Big Black B.a.l.l.s



    @ sAY WHAT
    you need a therapist, something is wrong with you. Matt kemp will soon drop her (she cant keep her hands to herself


    Go chris go

    we know your innocent

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 29 Days. DAXN, Y'ALL SOME FICKLE AZZ PEOPLE!!

    They’re cool.


    blacks never succeed because of putting each other down (crabs in a bucket)

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