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Tamar Braxton is inviting a Real Housewives of Atlanta star to “speak on it” when it comes to an allegation that she made about her and her husband. Not only that, but Braxton’s fiancé is confirming that he spoke to the housewife’s spouse over his “coward move.”

Tamar x Kandi x Todd Tucker

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Braxton who stars on Peacock’s Queens Court where she met her fiancé Jeremy “JR” Robinson, was a guest Sunday on Watch What Happens Live alongside her costars Nivea and Evelyn Lozada.


While there, the songstress was asked to address her previous InstaStories where she accused an Atlanta housewife and the woman’s husband of threatening her.

She also noted that the couple was keeping quiet about the incident because they don’t want people to know how “f*** d up they are” as people and “city officials.”

“I got a story…y’all wanna hear about it? I got threatened by a [peach emoji] and her man,” wrote Braxton in December. “I feel like if I would have did what they did…they would have told the WORLD”

But because they don’t want y’all to know how F***ED up they are as people and city officials…they ain’t said s***,” she added. “It’s BEEF and it is a REAL BEEF cause yo HUSBAND stepped to me! PERIODT! Merry Christmas [tree emoji].”

Many people assumed that Braxton was hinting at having an issue with Eva Marcille and her husband Michael Sterling who is a Senior Advisor to the Mayor and a federal prosecutor.

But on Sunday, Tamar admitted that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker actually were the #RHOA couple in question.

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Tamar Braxton Says Kandi & Todd Threatened Her

While chatting with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Tamar responded to Bravo fans who asked about the social media post.

Cohen commented that many people speculated that she was referencing former peach-holder Eva Marcille, but Tamar said that was untrue.

“It was not. It was not, and it really did happen. I’m not lying,” said Tamar. “I’m not looking for attention or drama or anything. But, that s*** really did happen. And it was not cute.”

Andy then inquired whether or not the woman in question was a full [time] housewife and Tamar confirmed that she was, before confirming that the housewife was Kandi Burruss.

“I thought you and Kandi mended everything after Big Brother,” said a shocked Cohen.

“I thought so too. I had no idea. I’ll tell you the story later,” said Tamar.

After the allegation aired on TV, Tamar took to Twitter to defend herself against fans who thought she was just stirring up drama. She also noted that her fiancé Jeremy Robinson tried to “check” Todd, but he and Kandi refused to address the situation.

“Before y’all start.. I left the situation alone. but the fact is kandi &Todd wanted to fight me!! Periodt!! There was witnesses and JR came to the next show to check Todd and she nor he won’t address it cause how do u defend that? The facts are the facts tho. l’m off it #/changed.”

When a fan commented that she was “taking the bait” by answering the question, Tamar doubled down and said that she’s not”scared” of anyone or the truth.

She also wondered why Kandi has yet to comment on the situation on her “Speak On It” YouTube series.

“I answered a question like everyone else does. I’m not scared of anyone or the truth! Y’all don’t want me to say nothing cause ThTs not her narrative on tv. It’s been months and she addresses EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.. why not this? 😒I welcome them both to speak on it and LIE 🤷🏽‍♀️”

So far, Kandi and Todd have not responded to Tamar as a couple, but we wouldn’t be shocked if they decided to “speak on it” on YouTube.

Kandi however is hinting that SOMEONE is playing the victim and she shared a shady Addams Family clip on Instagram.

As for Tamar, she went live on Instagram to further explain the situation and her husband-to-be also weighed in.

On Monday, Tamar spoke directly to fans while riding in a car with her fiancé Jeremy “JR” Robinson.


“Obviously I wanna address what’s really going on in the press,” said Tamar to her fans. “I can’t help when someone asks me a question, I can’t help the chain of events that honestly, truly happened.”

Queens Court

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During the Live, Tamar alleged that Kandi took issue with comments that she previously made on Dish Nation about the housewife and Carlos King.

Kandi alleged that King stole the rights to her life story and Tamar said she wanted to remain neutral about it.

“What I did say is, I wanted to hear both sides of the story, something in the milk ain’t clean,” said Tamar about her comments on the show.

According to Tamar, weeks later, she and Kandi were both booked to do a concert and they had a run-in in the hallway. Tamar said the housewife flat-out said, “I ain’t f***g wth you,” because of her comments.

“I’m thinking she’s kidding,” said Tamar on IG Live while alleging that she apologized to the housewife four times but Kandi wouldn’t accept it.

The singer added that a crowd started to form around them as Kandi threatened to “take it to the next level” despite Tamar’s efforts to de-escalate the situation. That’s when Todd who Tamar called “Toddina” broke it up but did something shady, alleged the Queens Court star.

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According to Tamar, Todd looked her “in her face” and “threatened” her.

“And then, Toddina comes and gets her and he says something to her, then he looks at me in my face and goes, ‘You know what it is,'” said Tamar on Live. “WHAT?! Now this is a dude!” The truth is in real life I”m really a peaceful person.”

“Me and Kandi can argue all day long but when it comes to dudes another woman’s face to physically threaten them and harm them that’s where the line is drawn. There’s no reason for a man to ever step to a woman, period! The fact is, that is what happened and the other fact is, I wasn’t trying to bring nothing up.”


During the Live, Tamar’s fiancé, Jeremy “JR” Robinson also weighed in on what happened and confirmed that Todd apologized for the situation.

“That was a coward move and it shouldn’t have happened. And I addressed it with him and I spoke to him about it and he immediately apologized,” said Robinson. “But an apology after the fact is bulls***.”

Ultimately, Tamar said that she regretted posting about the situation but noted that she felt “defenseless” at the moment because of how Todd acted toward her.


We have a feeling this situation is far from finished, especially since Tamar just clapped back at Kandi in her InstaStory.

“I AM THE VICTIM WHEN YOUR MAN STEPS TO a WOMAN!!” wrote Tamar sarcastically. “Sounds like an abused woman to me to see nothing wrong with that!! I hope he’s not beating your a**.”

Tamar also added that she’s finished addressing the situation while blasting Kandi for “deflecting and condoning” Todd’s behavior.

“It’s abusive and disrespectful and it’s NEVER OK FOR A MAN TO STEP TO A WOMAN!!! Fans don’t have to agree!! PERIODTT!!” wrote Tamar.

She also posted a photo that shows her fiancé talking to Todd in the background of the pic.

“I spy with my little eye THE TRUTH,” added Tamar.


Kandi has since clapped back on Amazon Live and she’s denying that Todd threatened Tamar.

“That’s not true, my husband never said anything to her, he did not threaten her or none of that,” said Kandi. “She and I did have words, but he didn’t! That’s why I was like um, yeah. Some people like to twist things a little bit.”

Tamar, of course, has clapped back (yet again) and she’s calling Kandi “Billy Goat” while doubling down on her allegations.

What do YOU think about this Tamar Vs. Todd and Kandi drama?


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