America’s Next Top Model Failure: Model Busts Her Thick Cakes On Catwalk In Front Of Rachel Roy… TWICE!!

- By Bossip Staff

ANTM Cycle 14 looks like it might be the business. In the clip we have, Rachel Roy is critiquing the catwalk when a big boned girl goes tumbling down… TWICE!!!

Pop it and watch it Continue

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  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Lol whoomp whoomp..Oh well,it happens.
    Better luck next time.

  • aleximaq

    An egg looking thingy and a thin white chic….??? Where is the story/footage????

  • charlieblanko

    @Alexi…click on the continue button.

  • hey

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  • TheMan

    i was at a bar and happen to look up to see her fall down the steps and as if that wasnt enough she got knocked off the stage, DAMNNNNN

  • Silent Swagg

    how the h3ll did she still stay and she fell twice thats such bs

  • Britchick91!

    wheres the vid?

  • real black is chocolate

    SO WHAT!

  • MiyaLion


    i did click on the continue..and it keeps sending me to the pic. oh well…

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  • WhatAWorld

    Damn not in front of Rachel Roy.Im so glad Rachel got her ish together and left that abusive Damon in the dust.I don’t usually say these things for people that are down but he is getting everything he deserves.

    Jay-z,I’m a fan man but karma wont be too nice to you either.

  • Don'tGiveAWhat

    I still don’t see WHAT in the world allows an ugly, arrogant troll like Damon Dash to pull gorgeous women like Aaliyah and Rachel Roy… I mean, they both had/have their own money… ** scratches head and shrugs **

  • Wifey06

    rachel just another one who got famous off a black man.. next

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  • me

    u.p.s in hiring

  • me

    I meant “is”

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  • SGKM

    The funniest thing is that this girl was so full of herself before she went out on the runway. Well, she ended up with a really big slice of humble pie!


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