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Cam Newton’s announcement that he would throw at Auburn’s Pro Day yielded harsh criticism from Shannon Sharpe, but Newton clearly had something to prove. “Îm ÑØ RÄÑDØM šÄ«r,” said the former MVP before throwing over thirty passes.

If you don’t closely follow the NFL you might be shocked to learn that Cam Newton is unemployed and the phone isn’t ringing with opportunities for the former MVP. To paint the picture clearly, you are more likely to catch Cam on Twitch playing Madden than on any football field.

The situation is heartbreaking considering his NFL career and even his days playing at Auburn. We’ve witnessed Cam go on a solo mission to defeat Nick Saban and the University of Alabama then win Auburn a national championship. Not only that, but he even took the Carolina Panthers to a Super Bowl all within a short time span. His current situation is pretty unfathomable and Cam knows this, just like the fans.

Newton seemingly moved past his dream to return as an NFL quarterback, but on Monday he uploaded a video to Instagram stirring the pot.

He called out teams for picking “nobodies” over him and announced that he would throw at Auburn’s Pro Day. This is a bold move and many can call it desperate, but sometimes you have to pull a Hail Mary.

After the announcement, Shannon Sharpe decided to issue a reality check to Cam on Undisputed and said that he’s just “not that same player anymore.”

“It’s 2023,” said Sharpe. “You one of them randoms. […] You haven’t been good for a very long time, bruh.”

The baller responded respectfully and told the sports commentator that he’s “no random” in his specialized font.

Cam Newton Throws 30 Passes During Auburn’s Pro Day, But Skips Media Interviews

According to ESPN, during Auburn’s Pro Day Cam threw 30 passes but declined to talk to reporters. However, his younger brother Caylin Newton didn’t shy away from talking about his older brother’s participation.

“This was him showing love to me,” Caylin Newton said of his older brother. “He doesn’t owe anybody anything. He has had an amazing journey, an amazing career in the NFL. He has nothing to prove to anybody. … He came to show his ability, show he still has it.”

“I think, for him, this was a selfless act. But it was also to show and prove to everybody he’s not sitting around. He’s still got it. Whatever organization wants to get a winning quarterback, his number’s still open and available.”

Caylin seemed to appreciate his older brother showing up while everyone else questioned Cam’s involvement. Social media and sports media can slander Cam but if his brother is happy, nothing else really matters.


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