Does This Offend You? Mural in NYC Getting A Lot Of Heat For Portraying Black And Latina Women In A Negative Light

- By Bossip Staff

A mural in Midtown Manhattan has been the topic of discussion among New Yorkers due to the way it represents African-American and Latina women…

Details and more images on the flippy…

Such was the case in Midtown on Wednesday evening, as people gathered to express their displeasure at a mural depicting black and Latina women in various outfits that, it is safe to say, go beyond the boundaries of even the most casual Fridays at nearby Ernst and Young.

The artwork, by Sofia Maldonado, a Puerto Rican-Cuban muralist, stretches 92 feet by 12 feet along 215 West 42nd and has drawn a steady stream of debate since it officially went up March 2.

But many have voiced their support online. Writing on Post Pomo Nuyorican Homo, Marisol LeBron defends the mural against some charges levied in the above video: “The most striking thing to me about the video and article was the conflation of working-class/poor women of color with ‘prostitutes.’ That people were able to argue that these women with their ‘long finger nails’ were sex workers of Times Square’s heyday was really complicated and problematic.”

Keysha Whitacker on Single Women Rule is frustrated that the protests have been organized in part by New York City Black Professionals, a social networking group.

“I am sick and tired of black folks protesting stuff they have no business protesting,” she writes. “This is an opportunity to detach from our knee-jerk, inferiority complex reactions, and open a dialogue, for young and grown, about how we see ourselves and how we try to manage how other people see us.”

No word on the mural’s fate; it’s slated to remain up through April 30.

Does it matter that the artist responsible for creating the mural is Puerto Rican and Cuban???



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  • Call Tyrone

    I cannot be offended by “art” it is an expression of the artists creative perspective.
    Some times we as a people can be too sensitive.
    This mural doesn’t represent me so it can’t be offensive to me.

  • Why

    Typical Women with Attitudes from the HOOD, I bet they can relate and are definitely offended, I am not LMAO!

  • they killed mike



  • Rip music OFFICIALLY died in 2009

    no cause i dont look dress or pose like that

  • Soul Touch

    Hmmmm…when I look at this, I see the women it represents and at times I wish I could show them a mirror so they can see the reflection of their soul.

  • they killed mike



  • MsiDance

    Wow. i dont see anything wrong with the murals. I feel as though if you know who you are & no your identity. Thennnn you shouldn’t be in complete awe about it. You neve know what inspired the artist. It’s probably what she sees in her everyday could be anything. Has anyone bothered to ask thee artist.??? –xo

  • Why

    knock it off LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The artist is only creating a vision of what he SEES, its not like its a flat-out LIE!!!!! What you take from the picture is basically your own decision and to say he didnt add a White woman is stupid on your part being that he is PUERTO RICAN and not WHITE, if that is your argument LMAO.
    I take it you have the FLIPPED PURPLE HAIR, LONG NAILS, and SUPERSIZED earrings LMAO!!!!
    GET IT BONQUESHA!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

  • Miss u much MJJ

    That mural doesn’t look like me but I can understand why some people are offended.

  • DreTruth

    Well maybe that what’s the artist eyes sees. Those types of chicks does exsist. Now it’s up to you to change the sterotype.

  • Soul Touch

    Well said tina

  • Soul Touch

    It represents slackness and the down fall of woman.

  • Why

    Standing OVATION@Tina
    Excellent statement, You nailed it!!!!!!!!!!

  • DreTruth

    Only thing I would say to this person is that they did it for attention – she could of went positive too – using ghetto decor as well.

  • MsiDance

    Wow. People people PLEASE. stop getting so offended..damn are you all having some sort of identity crisis.? Er something.? Why do you IMMEDIATELY start bashing caucasians.? *sidenote* & yes i am black

  • Soul Touch


    lol go to Women going clubs with no pants on just body suits. lace covers over bra and underwear. I tell ya.

  • Cmichellestyles

    Thats just awful!


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    Thanks guys!

  • getting down

    Ha Ha lmao @ Tina trying to represent herself as a black woman…Total failure.

  • mana2341

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  • Tamika

    it’s not that serious….I actually find it quite interesting as a BLACK WOMAN.

  • Noelle

    I think its offensive because even though every race has its degenerates, only the low lives of minority races are always being put on blast for all to see as if its representitive of all of us. when MTV came out with the Jersey Shore Italians were up in ARMS at those low lives represting their race. And we shouldnt let this slide either

  • Ms. Brilly

    I don’t know the context so I can’t really get offended. I don’t get the message or the vision the artist is trying to convey. I would like to know what inspired the artist so I can make a more informed opinion.

    I can, however, see how the images could be disturbing or offensive to some folks. I think the fact that it’s displayed in midtown probably has something to do with it.

  • Yuh dun Know.....


    Why get mad at truth?

    Again, not for the exceptions.

  • tiffany

    So what is the message????
    NO! Because we can’t afford negativity in the middle of human rights movement. We still are experiencing racism so any open gate will get you defeated. Poverty is part of black and Latino’s big wall that we still have to overcome. We need more COLLEGE education for both community period. Music (microphone) and art (paintings) messages goes WORLWIDE so you have to make sure you use the power to send a SIMPLE BUT STRONG message.

  • Sydney™

    This is a quote from the artist Sofia Maldonado posted on another blog (link below):

    “The mural illustrates strong New York City women as a tribute to the Caribbean experience in America. Inspired by my heritage, it illustrates a female aesthetic that is not usually represented in media or fashion advertising in Times Square. It recognizes the beauty of underground cultures such as reggaeton, hip-hop and dancehall and incorporates trends such as nail art and Latina fashion. Green organic forms represent the imaginary land that third generation immigrants create in their minds about their countries of origin. I represent the characters and happenings that tourists usually do not see in Times Square, even though it could be a frequent scene in the other boroughs of New York City. These women are strong single mothers or wives who enjoy life and have overcome tough experiences living in and immigrating from a third world country.”

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