*Exclusive Pics* Isn’t Kevin Hart Married? So Why Is He Grabbing Redbone Cake?

- By Bossip Staff

Although the Hollyweird hangout, Capitol City, was not packed… Kevin Hart seemed to be having a merry old time with the local light skinned groupies.

Pop the top to see Wesley Jonathan swirlin, Mari Morrow, and Kevin Hart in more pictures that say a thousand words

Kevin was seen getting very physical, grabbing cakes and hair. Hart is married to a respectable and beautiful “dark skinned” sister, Torre Hart. We don’t know how this will go over with her, but we will say that Kevin seemed to just be… entertaining… the females the whole night. Maybe the n***a can’t help it he’s funny, right?

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  • Froza

    Because he is a dogg.

  • Somali Ninga

    remember he hates darkskin chicks!!

  • BurgerKingBsGet$0.99Dudes

    Its VERY apparent that Lil Grown Man has color issues. But, his wife is dark skinned. He got into all that trouble approx 1mo ago when he ran his mouth on twitter talking “slick” about chocolate sistas. He needs help. Alot of the comedians have dark & deep personal issues–he is no different

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    he’s an ugly little elf and we all know ugly little elves don’t get a zz unless they making bread. he’s making up for lost time.

  • real black is chocolate

    so f’ckin what!

  • Seriously...

    Wow. Yall will pull a story out of ANYTHING. First of all, who ever snapped these pics must have ignored the DARKSKINNED sistas that were all around him. Look at the pics for yourself. It was a mixed crowd, he wasn’t red beaming yellas.
    Secondly, if you are going to judge somebody, get the damn story straight first. That “red bone” works at that restaurant, she was not WITH him or Wesley.
    Kevin is not “color struck” so to all the simpletons that want to make a big deal out of a bad joke on twitter need to grow the hell up. this light skinned vs dark skinned mess is getting way out of pocket and gossip sites like this are just adding fuel to the flame. We need to stop bashing each another and try supporting a nicca from time to time (jesus…)
    AND THIRDLY, damn I look fat in that picture….

  • real black is chocolate

    and i am dark-skinned brother and my black women is dark-skinned!

    JUST STFU!!!

  • Seriously...

    I agree. It’s like a Willie Lynch project on half of these sites…

    @real black is chocolate
    Kill your self asap. I mean STAT. Grammar check your rants next time and stop spreading negativity. I’m dark skinned and I love ALL my black brothers. U need to check yourself.

  • real black is chocolate

    At least he’s not with white b’tch like this dark-skinned sellout wh0re which costs with a cracker

  • real black is chocolate


    f’ck your white English!

  • Seriously...

    REAL BLACK IS CHOCOLATE, I’m beginning to think that you are mentally retarded.
    Put your helmet on and go play in traffic.

  • Seriously...

    Bwaaahahahahahaha!! My “white english”!!

    You are tragically moronic. Ignoring you now.

  • charlieblanko


    Are you the red bone or the darkskinned?

  • Maevelove

    Kevin Hart is irrelevant. He’s not even funny. Next!

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    @real black is chocolate: Quick question & no disrespect but,are you even black? seriously lmao

  • Somali redbone creamy cake

    Black men: allways dogs allways creepin around Tastin other cake… @somali ninga warya amuus talkin allways about race. Jareer also need love

  • Nut Sack

    Kevin Hart help me be a comedian

  • Nut Sack

    Three guys are driving down the street in a truck, their names are Fuk-you, Shyt, and manners. So, their driving along, and everything is going nicely, when all of a sudden they hit a bump in the road and Shyt falls out. Fuk-you stops the truck instantly in the middle of the road and has Manners go back to make sure Shyt is alright, well he waits by the truck. Then, after a few minutes of being in the middle of the road waiting, a cop comes up and asks Fuk-you what he’s doing. Fuk-you answers:

    “ehhh, I’m waiting for shyt”

    so the cop, now a little agitated says:

    “What is your name sir?”


    “Excuse me? What the hell is your name?”


    “SIR, where the hell are your manners?”

    “Mmm…about half a block down the street picking up shyt”

  • It's Me

    these pic’s look like clips from the next soul plane move….

  • Use Common Sense

    @real black is chocolate

    do you even think before you open that nut receptacle mouth of yours?

  • lovely

    “But isn’t he married??” is becoming an irrelevant question more and more in this crazy world. Kevin is just another disrespectful husband with no sense of boundaries.

  • ****JUDY****

    real black is chocolate


    f’ck your white English!


  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com a rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    Hi JUDY.. HI Nr Upper Cutts!!! 🙂

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com a rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    typo .. My Upper Cutts!! Hi boo!

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com a rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    I like posting to you Mr. Upper Cutts!! 🙂

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