Romeo Miller Adds To Empire With New Animated Film And Comic Book Series

- By Bossip Staff

Romeo Miller is taking his entrepreneurial and media endeavors to new heights with an animated movie and comic book series. For more info just… Continue

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  • real black is chocolate

    good for him! i hope it will be positive sh’t!

  • Kool Breeze

    Poppa miller gotta be proud of his son’s endeavors. When Percy talked about building generational wealth this is exactly what he was talking about…Bigups to Romeo.

  • Kool Breeze

    @real black

    Were you visited by the ghost of MLK JR last nite or something…shocked is all I can say.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    lol @ Kool Breeze

    When did Lil’ Romeo get to be such a cutie?

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Congrats! Good for him & he’s grown into a truly handsome,young man 🙂

  • lovinlife

    Good for him what a positive image for young black kids to follow! He did his little rap thing but he also went to college and got his education and now he’s making business moves as well. I love seeing this kind of stuff, so positive!!

  • Mock Rock Star

    I’ve always liked this kid. Good for him!!!

  • LoriE.

    Well isn’t he handsome.


    The boy is fine, the boy is fine, the boy is fine!!!

  • just me

    He looks like a young Blair Underwood in that pic. Proper and professional indeed. Keep striving to becoming a successful young black business man and never give up!

  • The

    Now this is what young black America is all about!


    He CAN GET IT!!

  • Virginia News

    He’s gorgeous, intelligent and has common sense? Somebody needs to clone him.

  • deesac

    Now just think Romeo and Bow Wow came out at the same time which one do you think is more succesful!!!

  • wow

    what incident is referring to that happened a few years ago and does anyone know what he majored in? i didn’t realized he graduated. Damn i am getting old

  • Thamissez

    Beauty and brains…i just mite turn into a stalker jk but deeezzzaaam that boy is fine!


    Bump Bow Bow! Romeo is sexi and grown!

  • bklynlady

    Romeo over Solja boy anyday!

    Percy Miller aka Master P, you have done a fine job!!!!! Nothing but RESPECT here.

    A rich fortunate young man who is still pursuing an education. LOVE IT!

  • TheOriginalBlkBarbie

    Congratulations to him! He is one good-looking young man.

  • LoveRomeo

    Romeo Bravo! He has so much at such a young age! so not everyone can! I’m really proud of him! he is one and it can not be copied! it is unique and I love him very much!

  • Deesac

    Only 20 comments for some positive black business, let it had been some negative stuff to say and it would have been 300 comments. Boy we need to really wake up and stop hating on each other.

  • LaLa

    Yeah, so proud of him. This made my day =)

  • Choco

    Great for this handsome young man….

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