Reggie Bush And His Ashy Knuckles Caught Flirting With Brunette Broads

- By Bossip Staff

Reggie doesn’t waste any time…he’s already been caught hollering at some brown-haired Becky’s after BOSSIP reported that he and Kimmy Cakes were over for good:

Reggie Bush didn’t seem to mind that his girlfriend Kim Kardashian didn’t make it to crooner Robin Thicke’s 33rd birthday party at 1Oak with him. The New Orleans running back arrived with a posse of guy friends, but spent most of the night chatting up a pretty brunette. “He was flirting up a storm with her,” says a witness. “They talked for an hour straight.”

SMH. We wonder if this guy has ever dated a ‘sista’ in his life.

Kim and her cakes on a yacht in Miami:


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  • LeahLeah

    “We wonder if this guy has ever dated a ’sista’ in his life”

    Umm, I quite sure he did before he had money…..

  • LeahLeah


  • Ayana

    He dated Nia Long before


    hahhaa what is going on with the ashy – ness if i was with him i dont care how fine he is imma force him to qo and put on some lotion

  • TRUTH IS....

    sell out…do these black men hate their mothers so much til they cannot be with a black woman???

  • Wafiyyah

    The beckys can have him.





    I am all for mingling and interracial dating.. When a person seems to eliminate their own race.. it makes me give the side eye glance. Nevertheless.. Reggie deserves better.. I felt he was too young for Kim and she was trying to take advantage anyway. Chow.. About to get dressed for church… Go and give your brain a bath..

  • rayla

    I can’t stop laughing @ the ashy knuckles part. What’s going on with his hands these days?!

  • Johar From Algeria

    This guy is clearly a self-hater.
    We never saw him with his family, he was always hanging with the Kardashians.
    Even when his team won the NFL super bowl kim and her mom were on the pitch but we didn’t see the people who raised him. If I was his mom I would be mad at him.

  • bigblack

    Beckys for life…step ya game up sistas, stop acting like dudes

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    dis cat is like the net OJ Simpson. Notorious Becky chasin’ n all. lol

  • really

    ok sometimes we have to look in the mirror before we judge, 1 sisters or sistas r not as loyal n dedicated as our mother, reason being generation gap n poor up bringing. 2 if u get beat up n yell at everyday @ work, last thing you want to do is go home to a woman that complains n yells n even hits on u when she mad. 3 who cares the man like white women, its probably saving some poor black woman from a beating, cheating guy. So real question would u feel the same if he was just a average joe

  • nia

    He probably beenn swirlin’ way before Kim. Maybe at his school, he was getting swirled. A lot of these athlete’s get with the swirl. I’ve seen it before when I dated a Tulane athlete in nola. These beckys make themselves readily available.

  • ****JUDY****

    Why are yall calling Kim is girlfriend when he dumped her? He’s single and fine,he can flirt with whoever he wants.

  • Uhhhhhh

    He doesn’t want a sista because he wouldn’t be able to get away with any of the sh*t that he does. These snowflakes will let him do whatever he wants, as long as they get to spend his money. Kim would rather save face than admit he was cheating on her – they can have his a**.

  • Ray

    @ Angel!

    lol@ shea butter!
    lollllll shea butter

  • Kimmie - Southern Belle

    It doesn’t matter what color he gets as long as she respects and treats him well, vise versa. Dating is not the easiest thing in the world. Wish him the best. Oh…someone needs to get him some better hand moisturizer.

  • Meads

    With the b1tchin & moaning apparent on this blog, why on earth would he want a “sista” ??

  • RU LAW


    your comment sounds really ignorant. If I’m not mistaken, cookie johnson is still with magic johnson after he contracted Hiv(you know that sexually virus that there’s no cure for).

    Its really sad when y’all feed into the race thing but yet say mlk, jr was the greatest. Get over it

  • RU LAW

    @ meads

    Exactly. Like why would a person want to subject themselves to someone who’s so close minded,especially when its only concering with race.


    You took the words out my mouth.

  • TRUTH IS....

    Nobody is opposing interracial dating but its a trend with black successful men do not want their own race…it’s sad! you dont see white successful men leaving their own for other races…..successful black men suffers from inferiority complex! these non-black women wont give these dudes a second look if they werent successful….real f u c k i n g talk!

  • TRUTH IS....

    *n o b o d y….. *”men suffers” should be men suffer

  • Megafly

    tell us when he starts flirting with sistahs!!

  • London - Fashionista - IBIZA

    I like Kim. But where was Reggie’s family after the superbowl victory? I saw the kardashians swarming the field like kim or Rob played for the saints…….

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