Democrats Say They Have Enough Votes To Pass President Obama’s Historic Health Care Bill

- By Bossip Staff

216 is the magic number:

Democrats have the 216 votes needed to pass health care reform legislation in the House on Sunday, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus told CNN. “This is a historic day and we are happy warriors,” Rep. John Larson, D- Connecticut, told CNN’s “State of the Union.” He added, “We’ve got the votes.”
But the chief deputy whip in the House, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Florida, cautioned, “We don’t have a hard 216 right now.” Schultz made the statement to “Fox News Sunday” just as Larson was speaking to CNN. Wasserman Schultz added, “I firmly believe we will have 216.”

“This fight is not lost, yet,” said House Minority Leader John Boehner on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Former President Bill Clinton made several phone calls Saturday to lobby wavering Democrats to sign on to the health care reform bill, Democratic sources told CNN. Clinton made calls to an unspecified number of House Democrats on Saturday as leaders tried to round up the 216 necessary votes to pass the bill. On Saturday, President Obama made his last appeal for the reform, telling House Democrats on the eve of the historic vote: “Let’s get this done.”


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  • TRUTH IS....


  • lead don't be led!


  • Imma Star

    And the moon is made of cheese…



  • Lee

    Let’s go


    Go barack go

  • Mock Rock Star

    I hope this bill covers “mental health”

  • Ray


  • Imma Star

    You can begin you treatment by doing some research and turning off the tv.

  • real black is chocolate

    he’s not black!

  • I LUV BO

    I’m delighted!!! It’s spring and POTUS won victory for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. You have got to love the PRESIDENT!!!!!!

  • Imma Star

    Why do people want to become dependent on the government to provide for them?

    Take YOUR HEALTH into your OWN HANDS!

  • Ray


    Can i see a picture you,and all your splendor?

    lol…2 funny!

    but one luv anyway

  • I LUV BO

    IMMA STAR, please advise me on exactly what you are referring to. Take your health into your own hands. I maybe a little slow on this one. Please help me out on this one. Thnaks

  • Imma Star

    Get your own insurance instead of expecting the govn’t to provide it for you and take care of yourself.

  • Imma Star

    Let me state that I dont think I am better than anyone else here, just a little better informed.

    I was once a victim of the tv and lived in a complete differenct world than I do now.

    It is scarey once you realize how skilled the machine is at getting people to back them based on what they put out in the media.

  • Imma Star

    I luv Bo and Ray,

    Do you know what happened on 9/11?

  • Somali Ninga

    “500 Billion will be cut from Seniors healthcare. The only way for that to happen is to drastically cut health care, the oldest and the sickest will be cut first. Paying for your own care will not be an option!!”
    Dr. Betsy McCaughy

  • Imma Star

    This is the same government that campaigned to have every vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccination, and has just recalled all vaccinations.

  • Imma Star

    I dont want my check to be garnished in exchange for poor health care….I either want to go without insurance by my own choice or choose my own provider.

    Not be forced to recieve care from the govn’t.

  • real black is chocolate



  • real black is chocolate

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    we are strong and the best in all the world because we are dark-skinned

    we need more real dark-skinned black kids in america like Lance Gross and Reggie Bush!!
    dont be white Stop doing mixed and light-skinned kids!

    real black is chocolate!
    real black is dark!
    black is beautiful!

  • Ray

    @ Somali

    You must be a white Rep. If so,cool!
    You’re losing!

    Do you know who Dr.Betsey McC. is?? She was the lieutinat Gov. of NYC. republican!

    you must be off your rocker! hahaha..

    One luv anywayzz!


    I sure hope so, but you know, WE HEARD THIS BEFORE!!!

  • Imma Star



    If we dont stick together and refuse to get our rights stripped away, then were all F#CKED!

  • Somali Ninga

    @ Ray
    LOL!!! sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not white. You should research the similarities btwn Hitler’s 1939 bill and Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill and you’ll be astonish.

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