Deelishis Is About To Beat The Brakes Off Cassie… As Soon As She Drops That Baby!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Nine month pregnant belly and all, Flavor of Love chick, Deelishis is not the chick to play when it comes to her family. According to her Facebook page, it sounds like some cheap a** trick by the name of Cassie is trying to come in on her marriage.

Flip the Lid for This Mess…

Never knew so many beautiful souls could exist on FB lol. Especially women! I sincerely thank u all. Honestly my heart is fine, its not the 1st time some chick has tried to step in on our union, but this time its my daughters I worry about. I worry about what kinda world I’ve brought them into. A world where even when you’re doing your best & at your happiest, u can still be hurt & devastated. I never want them to experience that type of disappointment.

Now that I have vented and performed a few “Woosah’s”, I can carry on with my day with my beautiful children & peace of mind knowing God has always had me and will take even better care of me now. Thank u all again, be blessed and enjoy the remainder of your day….and remember Karma is So Real!

Thank u all, but I’m cool. A real one always bounce back. And to you Cassie, I especially thank you and pray that God has mercy on your soul, cause after I drop this baby I got ya a**, believe that!

Karma is real, believe that! You continue to f**k over the wrong people in life and I guarantee it will come back to destroy you and all that you attempt!

Thank u all, but I’m cool. A real one always bounce back. And to you Cassie, I thank you!

Damn Deelishis, terroristic threats over the internet is not the move. If you’re going to catch fade on that trick… don’t put out a PSA!!!

On another note, Deelishis has a new jawn called “Set It Off”, not so sure about this…

Hate It or Love It… “SET IT OFF”:

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