Ludacris Will Show But Not Tell About The Panties He’s Soaking Up!!!

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We have never really seen Ludacris on the scene with a significant other and that’s probably why everyone wants to know what made him wife up this chick. In an recent interview, Ludacris talks open and honestly about his album but when it comes to Fab

Pop the Hood for That…

HM:The theme is men vs women. What were you trying to do originally Battle Of The Sexes and how did it change?
Ludacris: Originally and now it’s pretty much the same. Originally, I was trying to get an album where you had a balance of both the male and female perspectives on many different issues and topics. I feel like it’s a male-dominated industry and I wanted to get a chance to hear more of the female voice on different subjects. At the same time, you have regular Ludacris songs on there. Long story short, I have records talking about women, records talking to women and records where they are talking back to me. That’s exactly what the premise was [and is].

HM: How about your newly-launched cognac?
Ludacris: Conjure cognac. I love cognac so much that instead of just endorsing another product or putting my name on something, I took it upon myself to actually meet with a business partner and go out to Cognac, France and blend my own. I took some of the best quality cognac and mixed them together in one bottle, but I wanted to offer it at a price at which you would buy a regular quality cognac. Long-story short, it’s a better quality cognac at a better price. Conjure means to conjure your imagination and conjure good times.

HM: Where can we find Conjure?
Ludacris: It’s available in Georgia, New York, Florida, New Jersey, California and in Chicago in April.

HM: Who is Ludacris’ mystery woman? Is she someone special in your life?
Ludacris: I try to preserve certain things and keep things special and that is one thing that I would like to keep private.

HM: Describe your ideal woman
Ludacris: I don’t know what my type is until I see or meet that person. I guess I could say, intelligence, great personality and beauty, inside and out. I don’t discriminate.

HM: Your song, “Hey Ho” talks about the stigmas and double standards. Are you opening to dating a girl who has been around-the-block?
Ludacris: I’m not currently dating right now so I can’t answer the question.

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