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Crime scene tape and crime evidence

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There are no days off when you’re a cop with an incessant need to abuse the public which you allegedly serve.

Michael Corey Jenkins was tortured by police officers in Rankin County, Mississippi and there are some very shady circumstances surrounding the incident. According to an AP report, Jenkins and another named Eddie Terrell Parker had their home raided on a no-knock warrant back in January, and several white deputies subjected them to inhuman levels of abuse for 90 minutes. Both Jenkins and Parker were waterboarded with milk and tased.

“There was milk coming out of my nose, my mouth,” Parker told The Associated Press in an interview. “I’ve never been in that position and felt the way that I felt that night.”

For his part, Jenkins was forced to his knees where an officer stuck a gun inside his mouth and pulled the trigger. The round exited behind his ear, broke his jaw, and blew off parts of his tongue that had to be sewed back on. To this day he has extreme difficulty speaking and eating. Jenkins was subsequently charged with assaulting an officer and drug possession while Parker was charged with possessing paraphernalia and disorderly conduct.

An investigation into this incident is ongoing but more details about the officers involved and it’s as shady as you think it is. According to WLBT, Deputy Napoleon Valino turned on his body camera at 9:41 pm which was two hours prior to Jenkins being shot. There wasn’t another recording from the scene until Deputy Hunter Lewis activated his recording device at 1:25 am for approximately 20 minutes. That 3.5 hours is completely unaccounted for and that raises a whole lot of questions.

The Justice Department is investigating for “potential” civil rights violations. We will bring you more information on this case as it becomes available.


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