Rhymefest Manipulates Kid With Cancer To DJ His Own Make A Wish Party!?

- By Bossip Staff

When Rhymefest agreed to grant a kid’s wish from the “Make A Wish” foundation and perform for family and friends, no one had any idea this fool would show up with no DJ. The boys cancer is in remission, so buckmouth figures the kid should DJ his own gig…  Watch The Video Here

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  • I Am Legend

    blah maybe he wanted 2 be a dj for the day

  • kayuwml323

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  • WhatAWorld

    lol at those damn captions.

    Rhymefest is hideous,good lord.Every time I see him his mouth is open and unshaven,UGH!

  • Dilla The Scallywag Slayer

    That’s wonderful! finally some positivity.

  • Theorius Stylez

    Positivity!?! lol. Give this poor kid his wish back. This Rhymefest dude looks like he just got off of the little yellow bus. You gotta be kiddin’ me,Man. This kid should’ve asked for Laker tickets.

  • I'll Aways Be...

    I see him in Hyde Park all the time chasin after light-skinned chics

  • jay jay

    This is a positive and great clip, we need more stuff like this…Rhymefest is a DOPEST LYRICAL MC.. Screw all the haters…keep listening Wacka Flocka Noise… I cant wait for his EL CHE ALBUM to drop MAY 18th…

  • Taisha from the Chi!

    Why does a post get deleted when someone doesn’t like your comment? What happened to freedom of speech if the comment isn’t vulgar with foul language? That’s OK M.E.D.I.A.T.A.K.E.O.U.T WON’T DELETE!

  • Janay

    That is so touching keep doing thang Rhymefest…I would soak up my panities…We need more positive rappers…

  • Kunta

    Shouts out to Rhymefest…Thats a really good thing, im sure you made a major impact in that lil dude life…We need you to come to the mother land.

  • datdude

    I fux with Rhymefest. Dude always keeps it real and don’t care what ppl think. Can’t wait for the El Che album!

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