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If you’ve been keeping up with Season 4 of Love Is Blind you already know that it’s a messy one.

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‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Apologies And Explanations Abound, But None Are For Marshall

With the singles faced with multiple options and some often vying against one another for the same person, there have been plenty of awkward moments over the years. This season though might take the cake for the most friction and the most apologies. With the episodes rolling out three at a time over the last several weeks, cast members like Irina Solomonova have been taking to social media to apologize for mean girl behavior.

When we spoke with Micah Lussier ahead of the show’s season premiere we asked her about some of her behavior coming off as mean, particularly because she and Solomonova would joke about their competition and she immediately took accountability before even seeing which conversations audiences would see.

Micah Lussier And Irina Solomonova Express Regrets Over ‘Love Is Blind’ Mean Girl Behavior

“Yea, I can totally understand how I would look like that and everyone has their own opinion,” Lussier told BOSSIP. “It’s such a little point that is shown. There are so many conversations and there’s so much that goes into it. I’ve had amazing relationships with other girls in the lounge but Irina and I were very close. I think that’s what gets shown in the show, I’m not sure, I haven’t seen it yet. That may put me in that category, I don’t know, what is it “You are who you nap with?” It is what it is, but I hope people will get to see the real me.”

Irina was similarly regretful, although mostly about a moment during their honeymoons when she seemed to be ready to risk her friendship with Micah for a chance at Paul, after discovering she wasn’t physically attracted to Zack.

“I definitely didn’t have a good moment at the pool,” Solomonova told BOSSIP. “Probably too much alcohol and a conversation with Paul, but I want to make it clear that was not my intention and not how I am as a person. So I’m excited to watch the show as well because I wanna grow as a person. It’s going to be like having a mirror shown on your face. So I’m just excited to see how I can grow and put my best foot forward and be the best version of myself.”

Irina also had the foresight that she was just beginning to make penance for her poor behavior.

“I definitely have a little bit of rekindling to do,” Solomonova acknowledged. “I haven’t really talked to anyone. I don’t have any bad blood or feelings with anybody, but I’m not best friends with anyone. We chat here and there except for Micah, we’re really good friends and have stayed friends throughout the show.”

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Jackie Bonds Doesn’t Regret Behavior Toward Marshall Glaze On ‘Love Is Blind’

While Solomonova and Lussier have already attempted to make amends for their behavior, the latest batch of episodes have moved Jackelina Bonds into the hot seat amid her dwindling relationship with Marshall Glaze. Previously released episodes showed Jackie becoming stressed and withdrawn toward the end of the couple’s honeymoon and after relocating to their shared apartment. That was explained, at least in part by an interview with Entertaintment Weekly where Bonds explained her father was sick with cancer at the time.

Clearly Bonds should be given some degree of grace for having a lot on her plate with her familial responsibilities, but those responsibilities have naught to do with her telling Marshall he needed to “boss up” and “be more aggressive.” Instead he left.

When the couples all gathered for Chelsea’s birthday, Marshall confided to friends about their shaky status. Then the real trouble began when Jackie’s other love interest from the pods, Josh Demas showed up and sprinkled a little extra spice — telling one of the other guys he felt like he put Marshall’s feelings ahead of his own. It may not have been clear to Marshall then, but audiences were made fully aware that Josh wasn’t prepared to accept defeat. He took a moment with Jackie at the party that clearly foreshadowed what was to come next.

A split seemed inevitable for Marshall and Jackie after Tiffany phoned Brett, telling him Bonds had failed to show up for her dress fitting. Brett shared the news with Marshall.

The episode also shows Jackie and Josh meeting up at a coffee shop where he confesses his feelings for her and asks for another chance. The next time audiences would see Marshall and Jackie together it would be for their breakup. In the scene, Marshall confronts her about their relationship and Josh. Jackie opts to end the relationship and Marshall asks for her engagement ring back, but she refuses.

In her post-breakup interview, Jackie tells the cameras:

“I don’t even know if I’m going to be with Josh. I don’t! I don’t know if I’m going to be with anybody. Damn, I’m crazy! I need to probably do some self-work!”

When we spoke with Marshall ahead of the season, we asked him if he was still open to finding someone after the dating experiment failed to work out for him.

“I’m 100% still open to love,” Marshall told BOSSIP. “I have a lot of love to give and I think that says something.”

This weekend Jackie took to Instagram to clarify some of the confusion around the latest episodes, particularly the timing of her meeting with Josh, the dress fitting and the breakup — as well as an explanation for her decision to keep the ring.

“Marshall and I were broken up before I saw Josh at the coffee shop. I am wearing different clothes, my hair is styled different and at the end of the video I say ‘I DON’T KNOW IF I AM GOING TO BE WITH JOSH,'” the 27-year-old reality star wrote. “I am not sure what the reason is for playing the coffee shop date before the break up but to restate Marshall and I were broken up before Josh and I had our coffee shop date. As for the ring, Marshall did not pay for the ring Love Is Blind paid for all the rings.”

Marshall used an old Denzel audio on tiktok to explain why he demanded back the ring.

When we spoke with Jackie ahead of the premiere, we expected that she might have softened some on Marshall and have regrets about the way she behaved with him. Instead, Jackie told us, “The only regret I do have is that I didn’t have that conversation with Josh in the pods.”

Whew! Well that certainly gives us reason to believe Jackie and Josh are still going strong. In the meantime, there’s been a really homophobic text thread that leaked online that allegedly includes conversation about Marshall.

It’s a mess y’all! And best believe Marshall has seen the leaked texts and released this message in response.

Welp! We’re eager to watch this Sunday’s (4/16) Love Is Blind 8pm EST live finale on Netflix. Who do you think will get the most smoke?


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