Gabrielle Union on Dwyane Wade: “He’s Not Too Happy When I Have To Jump In Bed Naked With My Co-Star!!!”

- By Bossip Staff

Gabrielle “Break-A” Union shows that she has a funny side when she hit up the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. She talks about her new show ‘Flash Forward’ and what happen when Dwyane Wade came to visit it her on set and she had a naked scene. D. Wade probably realized… “Maybe my girl is a _____________.”

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We don’t say this often but it probaly won’t be said again: Gabby actually looks really nice… The BeyBey makeover worked for her. It doesn’t work for everyone though *Hint Hint: Jordin Sparks*

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  • Homewrecker

    That’s because you jumped into bed with a married D. Wade so he don’t trust you.

  • Caramellatte

    Get it Gabby!

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    Gabby’s a dime.

  • LaDiva

    Smh…When are women gonna respect themselves…
    Men will do whatever u allow them to do…
    But karma always comes to get ya in the end.

  • keepingitreal

    Karma is coming gabby…its coming

  • NY2CaliLVN

    she looks very nice wtg GU

  • TA

    Tell him to get over it because that’s how you make your living sista girl…ACTING.

  • 2dimplzs

    She looks very pretty. She comes across very fake to me though. She tries to hard

  • real black is chocolate

    but black love the best lol

  • Lovely One

    Gabby is so gorgeous. Too bad she doesnt realize it. Too bad she choses to date married men rather than finding a good man who will be 100% hers. How is she gonna trust Dwayne in the future?

  • *P*

    She’s actually pretty funny which makes her even more beautiful;o)

  • bahamas/chicago/cayman girl

    Correct me if I’m wrong if a dude is legally seperated and divorce proceedings have begun, since when is he not free to date???!!!

  • LaDiva

    @ bahamas/chicago/cayman girl

    Til the ink is dry on them divorce papers…
    That’s when u are officially single…

  • SouthFlaHoney

    Legally separated means he is still married..Don’t open one door before you close another..People have no respect for marriage now….No he is not free to date…..

  • SouthFlaHoney

    @ LaDiva

    ******thumbs up******

  • Kendie

    Awww, Love you Gabby! Great interview!!!

  • Sheree

    She looks beautiful.

  • wtfever

    lmao @ keepinitreal. I agree 100% Karma is a MoFo!!






  • Ms.ViVi

    Now this is a pretty girl. Idk her personal story or life but she is gorgeous

  • Ms.ViVi

    So if a woman is being abused by her husband and decides to get a divorce and it takes more than a year for the proceedings to go through, she can not DATE? STFU, you do not know the story so how dare you say what is respectable and not respectable. THE MARRIAGE IS OVER, whether a paper says it or NOT, they are done. He is free to date and guess what? So is she! Do you people have any idea how long divorces can take especially for people that have money? I don’t think so, maybe for some broke regular people splitting a dollar shouldnt take more than a minute. So during that time, we should be lonely and NOT allowed to have any type of new relationships? Is that what you are saying?

  • Damn...

    …look how golden-brown, shinny, flawless, and edible her damn legs look! I’ll drink your bath water girl! She fine…damn she fine!

  • 2dimplzs

    @ Dwaynewade The Home Wrecker:

    I agree with you 100%! He didn’t think twice about whose bed he jumped in while he was still very married to his wife – whom he had 2 kids with! He was cheating on his wife waaay before Gabby came along and that’s what people forget. Gabby wasn’t his first jump off – she’s just the most famous of them.

    That’s Gabby better get ready for pay back because he will do it to her as well. This man lives in Miami and in Miami ANY AND EVERYTHING GOES!

  • Ms.ViVi


    I agree, but to each it’s own. It’s not until they are in that position then they will see how hard it is to get through a divorce alone. Many people are on here acting as though, Gabby was the cause of the divorce. No one breaks up a relationship besides the two people in it, if it is strong then you won’t look anywhere else. Not all men cheat and not all cheaters are men.

    But people like to put blame on the man and who ever he decides to date because it makes them feel better to rain on someone elses parade. Just because his ex-wife has children does not mean that her life is NOW over. Ok, so she is not with Dwyane anymore, she is not chopped liver! Stop thinking that she is sitting at home crying with children blowing boogers into her blouse, she should do what he is doing and find a way to be happy. I am sure they were not happy together in the relationship, like she said her interview.

  • Nicole

    Ummmm…why is everyone acting like D. Wade was such a stand-up guy? He’s not just an NBA player, he is one of the top five in the league. My point: groupies in every city. Do yall really think he was being Mr. Faithful to his wife while married? Please, she is not innocent and neither is he.

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