Coupled Up: Rick Fox Is Still Smashing That Lil Boyish Cake To Smithereens

- By Bossip Staff

Rick Fox and his little bran muffin Eliza Douche-Koo were spotted out in Hollyweird yesterday getting some grub. No comment.

Pop it for more pics..

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  • lani3000

    Sheeeeit Eliza can get it.

  • Injera70

    You sh.i.t.t.i.n.g Eliza is nowhere near boyish.

  • 2dimplzs

    He could do sooooo much better! Such a waste! If you gonna swirl PLEASE do it with a BANGER Rick!! This chick looks like your average Becky. Such a disappointment. To each his own. *sigh*

  • Choco

    Cute couple IMO…

  • lil. ms. phyre

    But don’t rick fox got herpes?

  • Anna

    What’s up with Rick’s Hush Puppy shoes? Just because he is getting old doesn’t mean he can’t find better looking shoes.

  • I like hittin men AND women in the back

    i would love to see what he packin in there…mmmmmmm

  • tell it like it is...

    I don’t understand the statement ‘no comment’. They look fine.

  • sabrina

    Rick Fox has always been fine as hell!

  • chaka1

    I love Eliza ever since Bring It On…

    Rick Fox looks like my grandfather. Serious…

  • tj

    And she loving every second of it.

  • dutchmaster3k5

    id trade places with’em in a heartbeat…

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    @Anna: lmao @ the hush puppy” shoes comparison lol

  • rain

    rick ,die the grey dude, c’mon

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Who wrote this crap?

  • Coupled Up: Rick Fox Is Still Smashing That Lil Boyish Cake To Smithereens - My 242

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  • DenialRiver

    @lil. ms. phyre
    “But don’t rick fox got herpes?”

    Why are you the only person keyed into this very important question? Didn’t Rick get divorced over that whole herpes episode??? I guess he’s got millions for his & her Valtrex prescriptions so it’s all good.

  • #1Chica

    Cosigning that trick for herpes

  • hmmmm

    She has a cute boyish shape. Everybody can’t have big boochies

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 22 Days. DAXN, Y'ALL SOME FICKLE AZZ PEOPLE!!

    He is looking a little scruffy


    Suited up Rick Fox can get the business!

  • Me

    TASHA MAAAAAAAAAAAACK, come get your boy, Rick. Fox.

  • ll

    I’m sorry but I don’t see anything attractive about her at all. I’ve heard people say that she was attractive before but she just looks common to me.

  • white male

    I’m tall and I don’t discriminate on height

  • Marquis de Sade

    To those who doubt the sexiness of ladygirl Liza, I suggest y’all checkout her stint as the rogue vampire slayer, Faith. The throwdowns she had with Buffy was legendary… And she was also a fullblown nympho after a night of killin’ vampires and other a.s.s.o.r.t.e.d. demons in ol’ Sunnydale. Damn, I miss Buffy! That was my shyt.

  • The Admiral

    I thought Vanessa Williams gave him Herpes ? Eliza D looks good she’s just dressed down here…

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