Twitter Files: Reggie Bush Blames January The Jumpoff On His Homie

- By Bossip Staff

Kimmy Kakes must already be on Reggie’s back about that ho leaving his house early in the a.m. last week, cuz he’s already started making excuses via Twitter. Pop the hood for his twitter alibi. Continue

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  • Dizzy McElroy

    Reggie looks like he has aas implants – no homo

  • Crazy A. Rodney

    T O P 3 YOU SnEeeEeeeccheezzz!!!!!!!!!!

  • Playlist

    Reggie and Kim look like an odd couple anyway.

  • A-Rab Baby

    reggie’s aas looks pregnant

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    I wonder, does this make Black women happy or sad?

  • Gimmeabreak78

    @Encyclopedia Brown

    Speaking for myself as a black woman–I couldn’t care less.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 22 Days. DAXN, Y'ALL SOME FICKLE AZZ PEOPLE!!

    A big ole whatever!

    This whole shyt sounds messier than a mother!

  • Chi-Town Diva (Wild 100's)

    Her booty dont look all that big on that pic

  • Candid Canuck

    man up Reg.

  • yeye

    Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He- is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at an age gap dating site- A_ge_m_in_g l e @ c//o//m a nice and free place for Younger- Women and Older Men, or Older Women and Younger Men, to interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or- tell your friends.

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    This is such a publicity stunt it’s not even funny lol
    Before we know it,they’ll be back together yet again lol.
    I’m loving this pic above,they look real cute 🙂

  • oh my

    His booty look`s bigger than her`s

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Sad 😦

    Paparazzi just sit outside his house to see/monitor who’s coming in and out…

    These grown a$$ men should be ashamed of themselves, sitting outside another grown man’s house minding his business…

    Sad souls, no dignity whatsoever…

    Digging through peoples trash…

    He goes “wherever” and they follow like a deranged stalker, running red lights and everything…

    The price of fame = no privacy…

  • Amil

    Love the picture, HOT, HOT, HOT!

  • oh my

    I know his toes got to hurt tho. It just look likee it does.

  • #1Chica

    Publicity stunt

  • Haters love Hate

    The looked cute together and it was killing the haters: day-by-day.

    What would be black gossip without a daily spotlight or dose of these two.

  • Ty


    What does taking the “L” mean?

  • Shay

    Why are his Tweets so gay?

  • #1Chica

    @Haters love Hate

    Fall back Kimmy its a wrap

  • Ty


    Can someone please tell me what he means by taking the L!!!???!!!

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Can someone please tell me what he means by taking the L!!!???!!!


    L = Loss

  • http://bossip miss dior


  • Ty

    Thank you!

  • Nursepam

    Hope these two can work it out. Life Is too short.

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