Out Of Pocket Judge Questions Keyshia Cole’s Literacy

- By Bossip Staff

Damn. The judicial system in New Jersey tried to carry our girl Keyshia Cole like she’s Fantasia or something:

Keyshia Cole was ripped apart by a judge in New Jersey yesterday — a judge who called the singer’s testimony “nonsensical” and then questioned her literacy. Cole — a platinum-selling artist — was being sued by an event promoter who claims she blew off an appearance in 2006 after he paid her $15,000 up front. The judge not only ruled against Cole, but she blasted the singer in her written opinion, saying Cole’s testimony was “confused and at times nonsensical.”

But the judge’s biggest shot: Cole appeared so reluctant to read certain documents while testifying, “that it appears at times that she was not literate.” Eventually, the judge realized Cole was literate — when Cole managed to read documents that she thought helped her case. Ultimately, Cole was ordered to fork over nearly $160k in damages.

We know she’s got some hood in her, but they know they didn’t have to do her like that!!


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  • Gemmi Gemmi Neva Gets

    How am I not surprized?

  • ladyraid


  • 2dimplzs

    Wow. I don’t know what to say to this. I guess how you present yourself and articulate your thoughts can really affect how people view you! I can totally see Keisha shutting down and not being totally cooperative with the opposing attorney but don’t a lot of witnesses act like that? I don’t think the judge had to question her intelligence (really insult her intelligence) like that though…..

  • Sabrina

    If she was paid upfront 15k by this promoter why does she have to payback 160k that’s 100 percent more! I don’t know if any of you ever been to court as a defendant but most of the judges and prosecutors seem blatantly racist.


    Not seeing anything wrong with the judges’ opinion here.

  • aleximaq

    There is something wrong with this WHOLE story…no judge has the right to speak to anyone like that…I don’t care if it is a deadbeat dad 5 years behind in child support. Show some respect for yourself and other people….

  • DreTruth

    I can agree with the judge and this is why she had to pay – you can like somebody but the truth is the truth!!!! Having a talent and having comprehension is TWO different things.

  • http://Bossip Keep it Real

    At a minimum, 50% of Adult African Americans are functionally illiterate.

  • http://Bossip Keep it Real

    3/26/10, 11:07:am
    If she was paid upfront 15k by this promoter why does she have to payback 160k that’s 100 percent more! I don’t know if any of you ever been to court as a defendant but most of the judges and prosecutors seem blatantly racist.
    It’s called breach of contract. He sued for damages. If everyone was only entitled to only the actual amount paid, there would be less incentive to perform according to the signed agreement.

  • http://bossip.com michelle


  • Say What???

    @ Sabrina…
    $30K would be 100% more. $160K is off the charts ridiculous!


    Keha’s cool 🙂

  • why?

    Thats messed up, really, and why did she have to pay back so more to some dumb promoter? well, i guess he wasnt so dumb after all

  • Carolyn

    People!!!!Education is the key, she would have learned how to read that contract or hire a better lawyer to handle that!!!! There is something to be said about that….

  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)

    I dont see anything wrong with what the judge stated-besides these were her thoughts regarding the case so she can say whatever she wants.If u’ve f*ucked up-then u need to be called out on it.

  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)

    Are there really simpletons on here asking WHY she had to pay up more than he was owed??

    Ignorance TRULY is bliss!


  • whatever

    She obviously can read b/c she writes a lot of her songs.

    And as for the amount she had to pay, she doesn’t only have to pay the 15,000 back, but the $ the promoter lost for having to cancel the event after paying for it all.

  • Theorius Stylez

    Playing dumb in court never impresses the judge. It only makes the judge question your education level. Most people who play dumb in court loose the case. “I dont know” or “Whatever” may work at your house, but it doesn’t work in a court of law. I’m quite sure Keyshia’s attorney told her that, but most people do what they want to do anyway.

  • memchee

    wonder if the docs, she wouldn’t read, contained legal jargon.

    no one, unless ur a lawyer or sitting down with a legal dictionary, will understand legal jargon.

    she shoulda just hired a lawyer…

  • The Third Eye

    It’s simple doucmentation. Come to the club, stay until 2 or 4, sing along to one of your songs, pop bottles, laugh, and leave.

    I’m sure the judge was just asking what’s so hard to understand about that. Did you not understand your contract…

    Never play dumb in a court room, it doesn’t work–they could care less if you really are dumb and didn’t understand.

  • ern

    I’m not surprised. I’ll never forget that song “Love” when she says “I can’t beleive you HURTED me…” I could never sing that line with a straight face. lol

  • RedboneKillBill

    Some judges get off by belittling people in court; Judge Judy a prime example.

    We all know Keyshia had a rough childhood not making excuses, just saying…

    I’m sure she’ll rise above this too, maybe seek out a tutor, who knows.

  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)


    That has to be the most pathetic excuse Ive heard! LMAO…

    If u can read-u can read sweetie. U may not understand the MEANING but u can PRONOUNCE it.

  • WhatAWorld

    Yeah she tried to play like she didn’t know what was in the contract and had to pay anyways.Oldest trick the book.Unfortunately for her the Judge knew that joke as well!

  • The Third Eye

    Frankie can argue her @$$ off, did anyone see her on Judge Mathis when she was being sued for 5K and won her counter claim?!

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