In Swirl News: Khloe “Odom” Brags About How Great Life Is With Lamar, Keeps Quiet About Kim And Reggie

- By Bossip Staff

Khloe Kardashian went on in a radio interview about how good life is with Lamar “Fools Rush In” Odom. When it comes to her sister Kim and Reggie Bush, she’s all: “My name is Bennett and I ain’t in it.” Details on the flip.

On if her husband Lamar Odom is comfortable in her world of constant paparazzi and cameras rolling:

“He’s actually very comfortable. I mean the Lamar is the easiest guy, he’s so sweet. He’s easy doing it. If I’m happy, he’s happy. He’s the best.”

On the latest with her sister Kim and her boyfriend Reggie Bush:

“I know Reggie doesn’t love paparazzi, he’s made that very clear. He’s not really into that social scene, so I think it’s hard for him and my sister to find a common ground on that subject. But there’s been so many reports on Kim and Reggie forever. They’re still together, but I’m not with them right now. I’m in Miami so I don’t know. She’s not with me.”

With all the husbands-with-hoes in Hollyweird, celeb wives might want to hush up about their marriages.


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  • Hannibal


  • tanya

    Why is she saying that they are still together and they are saying otherwise. Please give me a break.

  • ThatBKChick


  • seng



    B*!ch please, she better be worried about her own relationship because her and Lamar won’t last two years.

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    LOL @ this headline pic & Khloe& Lamar stay talking about their “wonderful” marriage huh?
    Good for them.

  • Choco

    Khloe does not realize the harm she is doing to her relationship by constantly speaking on it…

  • Noonecangetthis

    I’m going to let the play out. I hope it’s real. I hope he loves her…but he is a man in the NBA….

  • http://Bossip Keep it Real

    Kim is very beautiful, but she is definitely on the other side of that hill. And, for most white girls the other side have a steep slope.

  • TLD

    I notice its only the black people whoa are so fascinated by the Kardashians.

    Who cares?

  • AnonymousGal

    TLD, you said it right. Black folks stay up in these people’s butt crack. I don’t know why becuase these mofos wouldn’t give any of us the time of day.

    If she has a “great” marriage, you don’t have to keep trying to convince everyone of it. STFU, Khloe, and just live your life as Mrs. Odom.

  • Hi Haters

    This is an old interview. She was in Miami, went back home to her husband for about a week, and just got back to Miami. Lamar talks about their marriage too. He’s just in love as she is! They have a beautiful thing! He’s in a good place and attributes it to his beautiful wife.

  • ****JUDY***

    His sister?Bahawaaaaaa!!!Lmbao!!!!! Come on Lamar.Oh well the Kardashians are always good for a laugh.

  • Hi Haters

    @Soulwoman , This is an old interview.

  • soulwoman

    How old, a few weeks? Because it seems she is speaking on the recent stories.

  • slim

    Off topic!!!

    I went to Alicia Keys concert last night and it was amazing. But, the real news is she is pregnant!!!!!! I promise you…(unless she had some type of health issues) she is pregnant!!!!

  • ****JUDY***

    “On if her husband Lamar Odom is comfortable in her world of constant paparazzi and cameras rolling”


    Of course he is,that’s why he went along with the fake wedding.Not a bad deal for Lamar I think he got three commercials out of the deal(so far) and some name recognition. You gotta give Lamar credit he did a way better job than Rashad.

  • MrTavMarie

    She’s minding her own business.

    Applaud that heaux.

  • Hi Haters

    @soulwoman, It’s probably about two weeks old. Khloe comes back to LA when the Lakers are home. Lakers just went back on the road Wed. and she just went back to Miami. Kim has been there for about 2 weeks now. The split rumors started on the blogs as soon as they (Reg &Kim) got back from Costa Rica.

  • Team Lamar & Khloe

    @ Judy, He’s also getting some babies along with his beautiful wife. Lamar can’t stop talking about starting a family with Khloe. Hey, they lasted longer than DNice and Malinda. Khloe and Lamar are going to make it. LO is a real good dude. Khloe is a lucky woman. Everyone who speaks about him have nothing but kind words for him. Heck, his ex had kinds words until he got married, but you know how that is. Khloe is blessed. Lamar is a hardworking good dude!

  • ****JUDY***

    @Team Lamar & Khloe

    Talking and doing are two different things so I’ll believe it when I see it. All that talking Lamar is doing is a part of his script.

  • Team Lamar & Khloe


    She’ll be pregnant real soon. Lamar is an only child and wants a big family.Khloe comes from a big family so she wants a bunch too. He just bought a huge home for him and his bride so he plans to fill it.

    Here’s what Lamar had to say about his wife:

    Lamar is enjoying every moment he gets with Khloe. In an interview on his own website, Odom said he can’t get enough of her:

    “Married life is beautiful,” Odom said. “I can’t complain at all. There aren’t too many times in life where one feels like he finds his soul mate, finds someone who understands you. We fit like hand and glove. We don’t spend too much time apart, only for work. As a matter of fact, I can’t wait to get on the phone, get home and see my wife.”

    Khloe is blessed. LO is really a GOOD dude!

  • white male

    How is she not going to live in the same city as her new husband?

    I think Lamar and Kobe are double teaming a groupie as we speak.

  • holdon

    On the radio’s website it says the interview was on wednesday so it was recent and not a few weeks ago.

  • ****JUDY***

    @white male


    I just wanna if its so real why was Khloe being spoon fed lines via walkie talkie at her own wedding? This whole relationship is some bullsh*t!!!And just so yall know,Lamar is not a very good actor.LOL!

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