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Yung Miami is finally giving some clarity on her relationship with Diddy.

2023 Dreamville Music Festival

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The City Girls star graced the cover of The Cut for their April 2023 issue, where she opened up about her acting career, her love life, and whether or not she believes in aliens.

Following her recent role in BMF, Yung Miami–full name Caresha Romeka Brownlee–explained how she got into acting after years in the music industry.

“When I did You People, Kenya Barris called and he had a role that he wanted me in,” she explained.

When asked if she ever expected to get into acting, Caresha replied:

“If I’m going to be 100 percent honest, no. As far as in a music video? Yeah, but never in a movie. When I did it, it was kind of cool. It was real fun. Like, it was an experience. I had Nia Long there. I had La La. Nia was like, “You got it, just relax, like, just let it flow.” Learning the lines, they was helping me. And with BMF, I actually reached out to them and was like, “I wanna, do y’all got something for me?”


She went on to talk about the differences between her roles in You People and BMF.

You People? I loved it. I was just being myself,” Miami explained. “But when BMF came, it was just something totally different. I still loved the experience, it was a good experience.

She continued:

“It was hard for me because the BMF scene, it was so emotional — like my [character’s] husband got killed and, in real life, my baby father got killed. I always say I never got a chance to go through the emotion of my baby father getting killed and feel he’s gone because I was always working, which was a good thing because it kept my mind off of it. It was good and bad. If not, I don’t know where it would have took me. You know how some people go into a deep depression? I thank God I was able to keep working because I’ve got kids. I felt it, of course, but I didn’t have a breakdown until after the fact. When I did break down, it was bad. It was horrible.”

As for her relationship status, Caresha confirmed that she and Diddy are no longer an item, but insists they’re still friends.

“No,” she said when asked if her and Diddy were still together. “We’re still friends! We’re still good friends! But we’re single. That’s not my man. We had our own situation, I’m not gonna put a title on it. We were fucking with each other hard. We were together every day at one point. He supported me, I supported him. I’ll let the internet call it whatever they want to call it.”

Miami also clarified her previous comments about golden showers, revealing why she’s comfortable being so open about her sex life.

She also denied the “Pee Diddy” rumors that trended shortly after her reveal.

“I never said [Diddy] was the one I did that with. Sex is a part of life. I’m grown, and maybe I talk about it too much, but everybody’s got their personal experiences. Some people get shitted on. Some people live life on the edge, some people boring as fuck. I watch a lot of porn, bitches get peed on. If we grown and we in the house just chilling and want to talk about sex, what’s wrong with that?”

You can read Yung Miami’s entire interview with The Cut here.


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