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We at BOSSIP are fed up with these bad azz kids y’all. They’re stomping each other into comas over text messages, beating other kids to death and menacing the elderly, and we can’t help but to wonder if parents are failing their children by not giving them some good old fashioned disciplinary action. Don’t you think these kids need to be whooped?

Apparently we’re not the only ones thinking along these lines. We came across this article written by a teacher who shares his point of view about all these lil bad kids whose parents “spared the rod and spoiled the child”.

Ever since reading Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers”, I now question the child psychologist and book-writers who all have disparate things to say about how to raise children, and I think the claims that butt-whipping has warped whole generations of children (who, I might add, seemed more well-adjusted as a whole than the current generation) are dubious at best.

I got my behind tagged by both of my parents when I was coming up. My father was the reactive one, coming full-tilt with the belt when s**t got thick. But my mother, it’s worth mentioning, was the menacing one…putting the fear of God in me and my sister to the point where we behaved so as not to incur her wrath by way of cleated Indian moccasin.

That “fear” was more of a parental respect, and I think that’s what today’s youth are sorely missing.

I also think that abolishing corporal punishment in schools, while understandable in a sense, might have something to do with the waning student-teacher respect levels. I came up at the tail-end of the “Board of Education” era, when a student’s motivation to behave stemmed from not wanting to get dragged to the front of the classroom and whacked by the aforementioned board in front of his classmates. Parents got soft, legal action was threatened, and now I doubt a nun at a school in the Bible Belt could even get away with whacking a student on the hand with a ruler anymore.

In a perfect world, all children would respond to punishment that doesn’t require violence, and many do. As much as I hated a*s-whippings, I responded even more to getting privileges taken away. I’d love to never have to raise my hand at my future children because the fear alone of not being able to watch season 32 of “American Idol” scared them straight.

As it stands, I am in favor of spankings to get a young kid in line while fully recognizing that there are many lines not to cross in the process. There is a line between spanking and beating/abuse that most well-adjusted people should be able to grasp. In addition, I don’t believe in using foreign objects to strike a child: As innocuous as was the process of getting a “switch” off the tree for my babysitter to whack me with, the less-cowardly approach to corporal discipline is for the parent to actually feel what they are doing to their child.

As long as an overall apathy regarding discipline continues to plague this generation of parents, it’ll only be worse for future ones. When newborns start falling out of their mothers throwin’ them thangs at their doctors, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What do you think is the best method for disciplining these little terrors? Military School, beatings, or a little time behind bars?




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