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Drake’s sculpted 6-pack is once again causing speculation online, reigniting longstanding rumors that he’s had cosmetic work done.

Drake's Till Death Do Us Part Rap Battle Event

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The “God’s Plan” rapper posted a shirtless photo to his Instagram Story on Wednesday, adding text that explained he was just finishing up with his “5 min cold plunge for the soul.”

The picture shows Drake with nothing more than a towel wrapped around his waist as he stands to the side, giving fans a perfect view of his seriously sculpted abs. While there’s no doubt about it that his stomach is toned, the fact that the rest of his body seems to lack the same definition had some fans questioning the legitimacy of his abs.

“Does Drake know that people with defined abs usually have other defined muscles too?” one fan asked. “Like, we know he paid for em, but it’s a wild visual.”

“He wildin at the recovery house I’m sure the faja is nearby,” another fan joked.

“Ik people shame him for alleged surgery but his surgeon ate bye,” another user added.

While cosmetic surgery is clearly a very common thing in the entertainment industry, it’s talked about much more openly when it has to do with women than with men. Still, this isn’t the first time fans have speculated that Drake’s abs were man-made, with Joe Budden accusing the rapper of having a sculpting surgery all the way back in 2016.

“He saw Dr. Miami & didn’t tell y’all,” Budden replied to a BOSSIP tweet asking about the shots he took at Drake at the time. “HipHop weird now lol.

The same conversation happened again in 2019 when Drake posted another photo that highlighted the difference between the muscles on his stomach, and the lack of muscles in his pecs.

Regardless of the constant narrative surrounding Drake’s sculpted stomach and whether or not he went under the knife, it’s clear that the rapper doesn’t really care, still happily posting his shirtless pics all these years later.


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