Another Day, Another Reality Show

- By Bossip Staff

We heard TLC was giving this dumb broad Sarah Palin and her family at reality show… but we guess the network couldn’t even trust her to do that right because now they’re saying it’s not exactly a reality show and it’s not exactly about Palin. Pop the hood for details.

TLC is the new home for a reality show featuring Palin and her family. Details about the show, which will be produced by Mark Burnett, whose credits include the CBS hit “Survivor,” are sketchy. The show has an eight-episode commitment and is expected to premiere later this year at the earliest.

The program likely will be as much about Alaska as it is about Palin and her family. With a political career still in the offing, it seems unlikely that she will open the door that wide on the day-to-day life of her family.

[Updated at 10:51 a.m. Discovery stressed that this show, indeed, will be about more about Alaska than about Palin and her family although she will have an active role on the show. The network is positioning the series more as documentary than reality show.

In the announcement for the show, Palin said her family enjoyed Discovery and that she looked “forward to working with Mark to bring the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans.”]

No price for the show was released, but reports of a license fee of more than $1 million per episode are over the top, a person close to the project said.

We can’t understand why networks keep pushing this dumb broad on us. First Faux News, now TLC?

SMH! Discovery/TLC you were doing good with “Life,” please don’t fu*k it all up now with the Moronic Moose Hunter.


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  • RunDolo

    you guys are so ignorant sometimes. damn! what do mean you guess the network couldn’t even trust her to do that right? it was always about letting the world see a different side of alaska, that’s what she pitched to the network. stop hatingg on her, she’s done very well for herself despite the setbacks our media has brought her.

  • im not shocked

    this racist pig name sarah palin…she is the devil

  • ratbastid

    What are you? Some kind of neo-zombie?
    The “media” has only rewarded Palin with attention, fame, and money. Where are the “setbacks”?
    Oh. It’s the media’s fault that she comes off like a stupid stinking screeching hate-mongering hag to all except a few delusional pervs with a hard-on for her.

  • GodseesAll

    how ironic.when you type in proper grammar, your comment doesn’t show up. Is only when you use “hoodrat dialect”…then tada!!!

  • GodseesAll

    more blacks can afford to be conservative..Look at the state we are in. Did the democrat party truly liberate us or their policies has ran the black race to the gutter? access the state the black race is in now and answer the question

  • juliemago

    Ppl want to know about what SP/family others like about Alaska

  • getting down

    Sarah Palin and her family is pure trailer trash along with her WHITE daughter who had a baby out of wedlock. She stood up on stage and lied to the American people claiming her pregnant daughter, at that time was engaged. Everybody knew that was a damn lie, she was just trying to save face.

    Can you imagine what the Vice President house would have looked liked with all of that trash and their friends running in and out of it if McCain/Palin had won.

    I give Levi Johnston some credit because he came out and spoke publicly about Sarah; her conniving ways; her laziness; the daughter was basically raising Sarah’s son, and all of her lies. Levi wasn’t afraid of Sarah and he did not let her small celebrity status put any fear in his heart.

  • nancy

    No! the devil is obama.

  • nancy

    I dont think the white house can get worse than it already is with obama and his socialist ways!

  • TRUTH IS....

    she is def. dumber than horse c h i t

  • MrTavMarie

    It won’t be any different than the f*ckery that is displayed on VH1 MTV and BET (the rest of viacom).


  • trey [X]

    this tea party racist trick is getting paid . now we get to see this trick w/o makeup. its a reality show so lets keep it real palin. i bet your azz look like ‘countess dracula’ w/o the war paint and make up. the way you be egg’n on the prez. he knows that you got to treat em like a lady. as strange as it seems you know you can’t treat a woman mean. so i’ll step up cause i don’t give a damn. w/ your fake azz. tell the truth hollywood ricky.

  • charlotte

    I imagine they wont show how she is probably spending hours learning American history and law after her disastrous Katie Couric interview. But all the facts in the world on the economy, global warming, laws, history, etc., will not prepare this dumb broad for the Presidency. I hope she does debate Obama for 2012 so he can verbally rip her to shreds.

  • smittyt

    Now this is one dumb broad, her everytime i listen to her i get dizzy.

  • Kimmie - Southern Belle


  • coradah

    sarah palin is good for one thing only,giving hate speeches and inciting ppl to kill.she does know who to bring all those back-wood ppl out who=how

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