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SMH. This is exactly what we meant when we said some kids are begging to get their a*ses whooped!

Six Blue Ridge High School students are facing felony charges after investigators said the four boys and two girls contaminated a classmate’s drink with spit, urine and pubic hair.

The students, who are all under 15 years old, are all charged with malicious tampering of a food item, a felony.

All of them were also suspended pending an expulsion hearing, according to Greenville County school officials.

A source close to the investigation said that tampering happened during a second period biology class at the high school Thursday morning while a substitute was filling in for the teacher.

The source said a 15-year-old student left class to take a test. While she was gone, a soft drink was taken out of her book bag and spit, urine and pubic hairs were put in the drink, according to the source.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s office has confirmed they are investigating the alleged incident, and that the details the source has given us are accurate. A spokesman said that the school resource officer at the high school was notified about the incident around 2 p.m. Thursday. The spokesman said if the allegations are true, the six students could face a felony charge of malicious tampering.

The sheriff’s office did not comment further on the details of the alleged incident but News 4’s source on this investigation said that the girl drank from the bottle when she returned to class.

In a release, the district said:

“An incident occurred at Blue Ridge High School yesterday involving food tampering of a student’s beverage by four male and two female students. School administrators were made aware of the incident around noon yesterday. Their investigation resulted in six students being referred to law enforcement and suspended pending an expulsion hearing.

“Student misconduct that results in a threat to the welfare of others, such as the incident at Blue Ridge High School, is a very serious matter. The choice made by these students clearly violated the School District’s Code of Conduct. Students in Greenville County Schools are expected to conduct themselves at all times in an appropriate manner that reflects respect for themselves and others. Actions such as these are unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.”

The six students were charged and released into the custody of their parents/guardians. They have been referred to family court for a formal hearing.

SMH. And the poor child drank it… Nasty little brats!




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