SMH: “All Black People Leave” Wal-Mart Knucklehead Pulled The Same Sh*t Before!!!

- By Bossip Staff

The li’l juvie delinquent behind the: “All black people leave the store now” foolishness in a New Jersey Wal-Mart is a repeat offender. Details under the hood.

Turns out cops popped the same troublemaker for a nearly identical out of pocket episode after Christmas…

The teen who allegedly made the “Attention, Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now” announcement has been charged in a similar incident that occurred at the same store just after Christmas.
The 16-year-old Atlantic County boy was charged last week with harassment and bias intimidation for the March 14 incident.

Washington Township police said the teen did the same thing Dec. 28 at the same Gloucester County store. Police were not notified of the incident at the time, but this week store officials turned over surveillance video to police.

Wal-Mart has apologized and claims they’ve made changes to the store’s intercom system to prevent future incidents.

See, if he had got properly tagged the first time, his folks might have dodged these embarrassing headlines.

And Wal-Mart please step your game up, we’d hate to see you get caught slippin AGAIN.


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  • im not shocked

    this kid is just reflecting what his parents teach him…obviously, he has been raised to hate black folks

  • getting down

    The boy was also released to his parents after his arrest. If this was a black boy he would of had a high bail placed on him, charged as an adult and probably released to Foster Care once bail was met.

    The cops, judge, and prosecutor would have done everything in their power to ensure his record was tarnished as a juvenile and in turn, may have made his life harder for him as an adult. This is the “set-up” that has taken place against black men for decades.

  • I hate what you do!

    IF the blacks left the walmart like he said in the intercom, The damn store would be empty!You know them black folks love chicken and watermelon.

  • I hate what you do!

    GETTING DOWN, Do you feel oppressed? Stop complaining about the past and look into the future so we can accept you African monkeys and equal humans. will take awhile but YES WE CAN!

  • I hate what you do!

    GETTING DOWN, Do you feel oppressed? Stop complaining about the past and look into the future so we can accept you African monkeys as equal humans. will take awhile but YES WE CAN! Black people STOP COMPLAINING ALL THE TIME!!!

  • getting down

    @ i hate what you do!

    By the way….I am not speaking of the past, these tactics go on today. If you were more knowledgeable you would be aware of it.

  • Sammi Dee

    @ getting down-then tell all the black girls to stop wearing blond wigs and blue contacts…people (of all races) laugh at them!

  • trey [X]

    these coward azz racist hide behind blog comments and hoods and skirts. and when they come at black folks they come in groups. no i don’t feel oppressed either, but iam sic of you alien racist “spawn of satan” . hiding behind the blogs. come out the closet you racist sweet b***hes…… only evil, oppresses like you jackals. i can stand your ilk and don’t even want to share the same air space w/ you demons.

  • MS. A.


  • myfunny valentine

    i work at a walmart in texas and because of this stupid little boy they took all the phone away from our registers. i dont even understand how a cashier even let him get to the phone to do that. SMH

  • White Women Rule

    @I hate what you do!

    Darling you can’t possibly be white? And there are many, many ways in which I can tell. Do yourself a favo and simply be honest enough to tell your people your unhappy. But to pretend your even remotely “white”….darling it’s simply laughable.

  • Summersun23

    dookey look

  • Summersun23


  • chooch6899

    Man, this was just a stupid lil prank. I’m blakc and wasnt offended once I found out it was some immature little kid. If a Black Kid would have did the same thing; ” all white peaole leave the store.”. He would’ve got sent home as well and nobody would be talking about it. Ease up folks. Blacks are just as racist as white folk, so quite trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • Anthony

    the boy goes to my high school lol


    I think a good azz whuppin is in order!!!

  • Shay

    I don’t understand why the adult that was with him wasn’t charged. If he’s a minor and they left the scene and she probably didn’t report him after everything came out she needs to be charged too.

  • Enufff Said

    Lets catch amnesia, forget about all that evil. ONE TRIBE Y’ALL

  • act like you know!

    White women are the biggest w.h.ores on the face of this earth. There’s a reason so many of these btiches can’t get pregnant and why they have to pay for fertility treatments – THEY ALL SCARRED UP ON THE INSIDE DUE TO UNTREATED STDS!!!

  • act like you know!

    And as for baby mommas. White girls always been ufcking and getting pregnant on the DL – thus the necessity for the “shotgun wedding” which we all know is nothing new!

  • resurrected

    As long as there are consequence and repercussions because he needs to learn this lesson and the best way to do that is to charge him with the cost of the financial lose of that day for the store… Which should be a lot as least for that area if all that black people had to leave the store…

  • Just Sayin'

    @ getting down: “Applause!”

  • Just Sayin'

    @ act like you know!: “Applause!” LOL


    How can you be 16 years old in 2010 and be so racist? I never understand that. So young to be a racist.

  • Mrs. Anderson

    Gosh it is 2010 and racism still exist it is a shame!!! Love should be what we are spreading b/c the end is near and God will have his way!!! God does not like ugly and satan time is almost up making life miserable!!! Peace and love to everyone… Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Blue, Green, Purple etc…

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