True or False: Does Young Money Shanell Have A Li’l Weezy On The Way???

- By Bossip Staff

Is the apple of Li’l Weezers eye planning to pop out his seed? Pop the hood for details.

BOSSIP was sent a photo of Shanell looking like she might be carrying a gut full of human…

Along with a flyer that has been circulating featuring the Young Money artist:

Looks like a baby shower invite to us!

But we’re no fools… The party is planned for April 1st. This has got to be an April Fool’s Joke — right?

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  • Hannibal


  • oh please

    who cares, I guess he’s trying to populate the earth…. so he’s never forgotten.

  • bigb

    Wow she look like she could be lil wayne sister. LOL

  • Britchick91!

    lol w/e

  • ThatBKChick

    What Hannibal!!!!

    She is D’Wood’s sister from Danity Kane…I tell you talent mos def does not fall far from the tree with this family…..SMDH!! PFhucking for tracks has been taken to a whole level….and now the sister is in the cut too…..Ain’t nobody ever heard of this chick….and now she’s Lil Wayne Bust it Baby Momma number 222….oops I mean new artist on Young Money?

  • christina

    oh pleeeeese!! soooo sick of weezy and these random a** babymamas…smdh

  • Miss♥Grant

    I dont understand ppl want to hit this freggle raw.. Gross

  • SO WHAT....

    Why on earth would anyone lie with that man? He looks scary , it would be like rocking it with freddie kruger with a manicure. yuk.

  • deesac

    Just to show you that some women will lay down with anything, Probably F a snake if someone would wholed the head. Just because he has money does not mean that he gonna be a proud good father, and by the way were is he now. RIKERS ISLAND!!!

  • Qwerty

    Haha! She does look a lot like Weezy

  • MosH8d

    Jus B/c there is finally a pic of This H.0.E wit Clothes on dnt mean she preggers…smdh…plse keep in mind she was Always BadBodied to begin with…Jus a Sloppy Mess, Every pic I c her in She Lookd 3mons pregnent…lmao

  • MosH8d

    @ThatBkChick….S.uckn&F.uckn is the New Talent Of the Industry…Singn&Rapn is something of the Past…LMFAO

  • whogivesaf

    Who care`s. If she wanna have a kid by lil wayne its her choice.

    Yall are so judgemental.
    Get over yall selves.
    Its her life not yours.

  • whogivesaf

    And how yall know she effing for tracks. Are yall in the same place where they doing it at.

    Have you ever thought that maybe just maybe if they is effing its bcuz they have feelings for each other.

  • Ganja!

    Lil Wayne plus eight…..comin soon!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 21 Days. DAXN, Y'ALL SOME FICKLE AZZ PEOPLE!!

    I could believe it. He is definitely googly-eyed for her.

  • kalifa williams

    child support for 18 years from a multi-million dollar rapper…..that’s a golddiggers dream…..

    you never have to work a day in your life…..i’m sure he’ll give you a house and a nice car……perks like a 6-figure career

    who cares if he’s an ugly troll… looks the same and its gorgeous

    so what if he has many baby mamas….lots of men got baby mamas and if you’re in that situation you have to deal with all of them

    and if he goes to jail…please…’re free from listening to his boring a$$ and you can find a real pretty-boy to spend his money with during that time

    win win win situation…..

    plus if you real lucky you can get your own tv show……

    why have morals and struggle to get through life…..golddig and live it up baby

  • Taisha from Chicago!

    It probably is an April fools joke, but couldn’t she joke about something else? If they really are seeing each other romantically then eventually sooner than later the jokes gonna be on her, because it will become a reality. I think Wayne is on a mission to get into the Guinness Book Of records with most Baby Mommas.

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  • Courtney

    she does actually look pregnant what’s he want a baseball team by his 40th birthday he seems to be on that way with all the kids he’s been having lately not to mention his step children from Nivea’s first marriage of course he wouldn’t be the first man in the entertainment business to have 6 or more kids by age 40 academy award winning actor Paul Newman nearly had 7 kids by that age by his two wives Jacqueline Witt & fellow Oscar Winner Joanne Woodward unfortunately Joey as she’s nicknamed miscarried their first child during their honeymoon in February 1958 and their last daughter Claire Olivia was born about 3 months after his 40th birthday April 21st 1965 of course in those days birth control pills weren’t as effective as they are now so it was alot different

  • cw

    again….who cares?????????????????????????

  • K-mia

    She’s wayy better looking than her sis…and i like her nose ring but the nails are ridiculous. Wayne isnt attractive but he is the most powerful person in rap. Woman are attracted to that, he is bound to have a harem.

  • http://bossip mom4son

    Who caes how many kids he has, but Damn must he have so many different babies mamma’s.I guess with all the money these chicks will be getting they figure who needs family values. Hate to say it but thats what our men are known for makng babies where ever they can SAD…….

  • SimplePleasures

    Lil’ Wayne could have done SO MUCH better than that chick! Yuck!

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    […] True or False: Does Young Money Shanell Have A Li'l Weezy On The … […]

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