Guess Who Was Caught Creepin’

- By Bossip Staff

This supposedly spoken for fellow was spotted getting friendly with other broads last week in Hollyweird.

Flip the script to see who it is…

Oh wait. Still can’t tell from that angle, huh?? Ok…peep game below:

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  • SouthFlaHoney

    Common is fioneeeeeeeeeeee and she could be just a friend…He is hugging her like she is just a friend…….

  • Honey Hue!!

    FIRST!!!! XOXO

  • Honey Hue!!


  • LovinMYBlackness

    Get a life.

  • d

    Who is he suppose to be with?

  • I Am Legend

    ol girl is fine

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 18 Days. BOSSIP IS LIKE A BAD ACCIDENT...I JUST CAN'T LOOK AWAY!!!

    Well I thought he and Serena were “just friends”.

    Maybe it isn’t that serious!

  • num1dominicano

    I don’t blame him….he must be tired of sleeping with that yeti…

  • Tee

    Serena gone beat both of their azz. Lol

  • Mock Rock Star


  • gloria

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  • STFU

    LOL! That is his trainer. That chick is a celebrity trainer.

  • Rufus

    I never understood what he saw in muscular manly looking Serena. That don’t look like Fiona to me, but at least it looks like a woman.

  • Juliemango

    Looks like a gym buddy!!!

  • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

    LOL, LOL @Rufus. Im I the only one having a hard time seeing Serena in a dress, something just isn’t right.

  • Rosa

    I think she is a personal trainer. She is at least a fitness model. She is in Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD. Her name is Natalie.

  • Qwerty

    Common’s fine AND he opens doors for ladies. I think I love him.

  • I like hittin men AND women in the back

    well if he is cheating, it ten steps up…she dam sure look better

  • Its Me

    she is a cutie… I ain’t mad at him…

  • CubaLinda

    Could just be his sister… That wasnt exactly a warm/ intimate embrace…

  • AQ216

    That chick looks like Young Lloyd a lil!

  • Come on, Bossip.

    Common could just be hugging a friend.

  • CubaLinda

    and to all the people commenting on Serena in a dress… I have held my opinion on that for years bc I was hoping her beefcake buff bod would soften up a bit but it hasnt..

  • Yes Indeed

    She looks better than Serena.(Not hard to do tho) but Common is a phony anyway with his bad acting and pretending to be all socially conscious one minute to the next

  • chocalatetunda

    Common is FINE…….. he looks hella good. It looks like a friendly hug to me.

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