New Video: Kelis… What In The Euro Trance Mama Warrior Weirdo Sh*zzz Is This???

- By Bossip Staff

Kelis has finally debuted her video for “Acapella” and we have decided this girl must be on some type of substance to come up with this idea. Even though the song is about her child, Kelis seems a bit confused… Not sure if she was going for the Shakira “She Wolf” look or the Aaliyah “Queen of the Damned” look?!?!

Pop the Top and You Decide!!!!

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Hate It or Love It?!?!

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  • Shante


  • Coll3ge Knowl3dge

    I didn’t think she was really gonna come out with anything. This is weird but we all know how Kelis really is. I’m surprised Nas put up with it.

  • It's cold in the D!

    first! I hope it’s a hit. not for me. Nas cheated and she deserves some success.


    WTF…..SMH. CREATIVE….I guess (shrugs shoulders)

  • Kim

    second! and I like it!

  • Nicole

    The kinda s*** that beyonce, rihanna n others will try to duplicate cuz they lack originality.. Take notice because wat kelis has already done others r doin now

  • It's cold in the D!

    okay third aint bad, but that song is…sorry, maybe the next song.

  • peaches

    If this was lady ga-ga you all wouldn’t be saying shit. So leave her be. Always wannan go hard when it’s a black person.

  • lol lol

    Not really my thing… But this is a big hit for Europe and the underground.

  • Coll3ge Knowl3dge


    It’s a Fad that should have been left back with Boy George and them. This is her record label’s bright idea to get into white people’s pockets.

  • lookahere

    it sad black artists dont even like being black anymore

  • DreTruth

    I can dig it!!! it’s hear making her mark again. Very pretty baby.

  • DreTruth

    According to most black men – what is black ain’t it becoming dead like hip hop?

  • Ignorant people

    @ lookahere.

    What exactly is being black? I didn’t know it could be defined and catagorized!

    Just because she put out a song that doesn’t fit into your small minded, stereotypical box of what “being black” is does not make her any less black.

  • gloria

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  • P-NUTS

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • PrettyEverday

    Oooo I like it!! But I’ve always like Kelis and her weird antics

  • London style

    Why the HELL ARRE YOU NEGETIVE?? Its ridiculous..WHY??

    Anyway i jus remembered you’re an american site so you guys are like 10 years backwards with trend..everyone wearinf GAP and all. Come to europe and you’ll have a different view on style and looks.

    This is brilliant- come over to london! Stop writng negetive headlines + please spell check your grammer. For a blog like this is quite trashy!

  • Kali-Ma-- Key

    I think she is getting back to her roots.. She played the game to get the Cash and now she can afford to get back to her roots and really express herself and bring some new followers to her sound.

    Much Repsect Kellis!!



    i don’t dislike it… it’s ok. the beat/track sounds sampled from an old Donna Summer track, State of Independence… The look is combo Rihanna/Lady Gaga/Beyonce….

    I’m not trying to hate, but it’s not original. and is just ho-hum. I wouldn’t buy the record. I won’t even limewire it for free.

  • Tiny-T

    not feelin the blond mullet. i wish she would go back to her short hairstyle during her bossy days. not really feelin the song or the vid either

  • St. Paul in this!

    you know what, it will do good in OTHER COUNTRIES…. just because black people here dont think its out kind of music…

    i think its perfect for runway, workout routines or REAL dance clubs.

  • uhh yeah ok

    Interesting imagery that’s for sure.

  • Joy

    Hey at least she is trying to maker her own money versus trying to dip further into Nas’s wallet. Can’t knock her hustle even if she changed her style she has to do what is going to bring her a pay check. I personally like the song, but I do not see myself buying her album.

  • dia

    im not sure about the song, but i really like the vid

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