Poor Chrissy Poo… No Birthday Party For You!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Turning 21 is usually a big deal for anybody, but when you’re a famous recording artist, it’s expected to be an event to remember. The problem for Blackballed Breezy is that when you’ve been convicted of felony assault against an even bigger recording artist the chances of finding a venue to host your bash can be real slim.

Rumor has it that as Breezy’s big birthday approaches he is having a harder time securing an event space than he is getting radio to spin his records:

Chris Brown is having trouble finding a suitable venue for his 21st birthday on May 5. Sources say Brown was shopping the event to clubs in New York, Miami and Las Vegas. But some promoters were hesitant to book the troubled singer because, “They don’t want to mess up their relationship, or their potential relationship, with Rihanna.” He’s now looking for private homes or restaurants in Manhattan. A Brown spokesman had no comment.

Cheer up Breezy… We’re sure your new ho can get her and Amber Rose’s old workplace, the strip club Delilah’s, to host your party. Just make sure you guys get her a babysitter first!


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  • mADblack ***** mafia

    Call me Chrissy I have a party for u dont be tardy!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 18 Days. BOSSIP IS LIKE A BAD ACCIDENT...I JUST CAN'T LOOK AWAY!!!

    Well I am sure he will be alright. Maybe you should take this birthday, Chris, and use it as a quiet time of reflection, like so older people do. Get your mind in order. Because although I still love your music, you look like you are drowning to me.

  • LaDanseuse

    *Cue Kim from RH of Atl: “Don’t be tardy for the party”. Pauvre…

  • LaDanseuse

    *Cue Kim from RH of Atl: “Don’t be tardy for the party”. Po thang…

  • Shay

    I don’t have way believe the story. Riri’s people won’t be keeping track of who’s B-day party was at what club and I think the club owners know this. The real issue is probably that celebs are often paid to have their “B-day” party at several clubs. The $ probably isn’t what he’s expecting and the number of requests are probably slim. Another issue is the only people feeling Chris Brown right now aren’t old enough to get in the clubs anyway.

  • For Real

    yea right.

  • Vette

    Fall back Chris! Go to college, study acting come back when you are 24 or 25! By that time the Rihanna reign will be over than you can do your thang!

  • Deesac

    Its really bad, that Chris was bigger then Ri before they met, and look what he get for messy with that industry hoe.SAD!!!

  • Over it...

    This story is soooo ridiculous….promoters get money they could give a d@mn about who the party is for! I’m sure he’ll find several spots for several different parties

  • http://Bossip.com Shawnee

    I wish yall mothertruckers will leave him alone, she is no better than he is. Someone will let him party on his birthday. Happy B-Day Chris yours is two days before mine. Shawnee from Washington DC.

  • tee

    Dont believe it.Especially because chris has been seen partying in new york,LA,and miami.He actually wants his party in Las Vegas(he said it in interview).I really wish people would stop reaching

  • lu

    Ummmm funny but sad,wait I thought chris hosted a party in miama a y back,ummm this story get hole in it.


    Happy b’day chris, we love you

  • lu

    Yes I now remember,chris hosted a new year party @ sum club in miama.

  • Lady Shady

    whatever man, keep your hands to your damn self, maybe you can hand out domestic violence pamphlets at the door.

  • bluekid

    I wish they would name the places that want let Chris Brown have his party, I would like to know. I want to know if it is the same places where JZ has his concerts at. I doubt any place in America is going to stop him for having a birthday party because of Rihann, because Rihanna don’t give a good flying f#ck!

  • lu

    Now page six is giving chris free press,his BDAY is still far away [ in may ]
    Ppl who dnt know his bday will all wait dat day 2 C where he will celebrats it. C HIS STANS LOSING THEIR MIND DAT DAY.LOL.

  • Lee

    It won’t be that hard for him, there are still tons of clubs that could use the spotlight

  • resurrected

    Cb have a family party with close friends people who have not turned there backs on you and stop looking to the world for support… The world only supports itself and benefits from people with unhealthy habits then healthy habits… Take a couple of years off to rebuilt yourself and image…


    It just comes to show all of us that picking our company wisely still has much benefits or can create much damage depending on what you choose…

  • Neeka82

    Im not going to believe this bs!

  • http://thathiphopblog.com/ HipHop

    Who cares?

  • Kaliforn-I-A

    Yea…this story does NOT ring true at all…Chris has BEEN hosting parties for the longest time in Miami, Atlanta, LA, etc… Plus, someone from his camp said this story is “wack” and a “lie of a post” … Chris gon have a bangin party thats for sure!

    I guess because Chris hasn’t been doing anything scandalous lately, ppl be making up stories lol

    Hope he will have a happy birthday come May

  • kalifa

    he messed with a hoe that ruined his entire career…….then she got bigger than him…..aint that some $hit……

    f@ck rihanna and her demon ways

  • Lady iyah

    Ag he shuldnt even hav a bday bash, since he ruined poor rih rih،s 21st. Bt i dnt buy this story

  • Bossip, stop lying.

    Ri-Ri is with a baseball player, and they just moved into her house. She could give two f*cks with Chris is doing.

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