*Worst Video Of All Time Week* MC Hammer Ft. Deion Sanders And Jean Claude Van Damme “Straight To My Feet”

- By Bossip Staff

This week we’re taking your requests for the “Worst Rap Video Of All Time.” Pop the hood for details.

Bossip will be showcasing your picks for the worst videos throughout the week, before posting a poll on Friday to select the winning video to be announced on this weekend’s Sunday Style. The winner for the submission of the actual Worst Rap Video Of All Time will receive a jacket of their choice from Live Mechanics (Male or Female).

To see Hammer and Deion’s “Straight to My Feet” video, Click Here. To submit your video, Click Here

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  • SoSmoove


  • Matix B

    I just puked WTF wish I never ‘membered this

  • gator

    m.c. hammer; was the 1st rapper to get the commercial sucess and get them advertising dollars…. and all them rappers went all out on him, calling him a “sell-out”, uncle tom and everything but a child of GOD. now the same ones that hung his name on the highway. are the same ones who you can’t keep their azz’es off TV pimp’n their master’s products. what a difference a day makes.

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    I’ve seen much worse. I thought it was entertaining and the Parliament Funkadelic beat didn’t hurt.

  • LoLaFloRida

    Loved it! I miss you Hammer!!

  • Robb

    mc hammer wasnt the 1 rossover rapper RUNDMC silly

  • Robb

    this is wack 4 so many reasons im having a hard time jus listenin 2 it but imma try 1 this track is a 20 yr old coolio trax 2 the danicing is old as hell is this black ash girl b angie b? where did he find van damme ? who paid 4 this why are my ears bleeding profusly

  • Canuckville

    u zombies kill me saying this vid was wack….. the song was decent… gotta understand the 90’s i guess…

    the only corny part was JCVD’s lack of rhythym and some the bikers in the background needed some rhythm .. but that;s it…

    SMDH @ the yungins laughing… u stoopid mofos dont realize your children will be laughing at y’all too!

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