Jackson Family Not Singing “I Will Always Love You” To The Bodyguard

- By Bossip Staff

The Jackson family has fired Alberto Alvarez, the bodyguard who called 911 and dropped a dime on Dr. Conrad “Murder” Murray.

Pop the hood for the details.

TMZ has learned the bodyguard who says Dr. Conrad Murray asked him to help hide Propofol in Michael Jackson’s house the day he died was fired from his job Friday by the Jackson family.

Alvarez had been working at the Jackson family compound in Encino since the singer died last June.

Alberto Alvarez is the bodyguard who called 911 from Jackson’s house. Last week it was reported that Alvarez told LAPD detectives … that before paramedics arrived on scene Dr. Murray asked him to put bottles of Propofol in a bag.

Alvarez — who is sometimes referred to as Jackson’s “logistics director” — did not tell detectives about the alleged cover-up the day Jackson died, but rather two months later. The story about the alleged cover-up broke last Monday.

As for why Alvarez was fired, the Jackson family isn’t talking.

Hmmmm. There’s more to this story.


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  • Matix B

    Stay tuned

  • Its Me

    that’s what he gets for being a dump azz… white people I tell ya….

  • Bohwe

    Do you know this for a fact? It’s kind of weird how people are slamming the Jackson family, why would they kill their own sibling that doesn’t make any sense.Especially since MJ was financially supporting them anyways. People really need to stop trying to act like his own family sold him out, and if the family took the hardrive of his unreleashed songs, than so what? It’s better for them to have it, than a nonfamily member, anyways, whatever is released, the money will go directly to his estate. And why are the fans worried about MJ’s money, he didn’t give us any or put us in the will.

  • black medussa

    stop making shyt up

    follow the script

    nothing but the facts

  • BK

    Did he taser one of the kids with their own gun? If MJ didnt die no one would care what any of them are doing.

  • TheReal Tasha_Mack

    well said just like no one cared when MJ was alive because of the recent abuse case. Mj had become fodder for the press then vanished into obscurity. Mike killed himself pure and simple.

  • kersh

    top 10

  • Just Bored

    I would fire someone if they were covering up any details related to my son or brothers death too. If he had info he should have spoken up when the police arrived on the scene so they could have confiscated the bag with the drugs.

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  • TheReal Tasha_Mack

    shut it down–you said it all

  • msjas

    Oh wow @ crazychris get a life, seriously

  • http://hpp//Facebook.com MrJayRev

    I agree with Bohwe,Everyone,especially the media, has been slammin The Jacksons ever since they left Gary Indiana,could it be that they were Young,Gifted,and Black Hmmmmm! SMH!

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    I miss my MJ 😦

    leave his family alone and let him rest in peace!

  • sweetneke

    just like black folks always trashing black folks that’s why we don’t get any further than where we are. While the executors are stealing Michael’s estate all we do is talk about the Jackson family and helping and supporting them so they can rightfully get control of their son’s estate we further put them down every black that makes it we let the white man destroy them and steal from them so i guess we’ll all be satisfied when the white man takes every thing from us

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  • kalifa

    if michael’s family had cared about him half as much as they pretend to now then maybe he would not have been a drug addict.

    MJ provided for his mother while he was alive but his father and siblings (excluding janet) are a bunch of loafers who only ate when MJ provided the bread…..

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  • zar

    poor mj brutally murdered. miss him so much inwill always love him as long as i live. see you in the next world moon walking in heaven

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  • MJfan4LIFE

    my bad Off The Wall not Of The Wall, sorry my typo.

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