Police Accidentally Shoot Carjacked Toddler

- By Bossip Staff

The parents of a 2-year-old boy in Jacksonville, Florida are dismayed with local police after they accidentally shot their child in the upper torso and arm trying to shoot a suspect in a carjacking.

2-year-old Daniel Crichton was shot by police after they fired 42 rounds into a vehicle that a bank robbery suspect had taken control of.
The unidentified suspect reportedly jumped into the vehicle at a local fast food drive thru trying to escape police.
According to the local sheriff, an officer trailed the suspect to the drive thru and appeared with a shot gun. The suspect then yelled “I am gonna kill you”, prompting the officer to fire his weapon.

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  • Peter D.Slaughter

    Most of these people who are police are people
    who should not even be on a police force.
    These days’ they will let anybody be the police.
    Glad I never joined at all.

  • Youcan'tbeserious

    this is soooo sad…when will all this stop. That poor child and their family

  • Jane Doe

    The police are just thugs in uniform

  • memchee

    that family’s gonna get paid…

    the police had no business shooting like that knowing the gunman had a hostage.

    you’d thought the robber had an armored tank or something!

  • real black is chocolate


  • s

    Wheres the coffee party..?We dont stand for nothing no more so we take what they give us..Keep sitting back and letting cops kill all the brown and black…be proud of the rap songs and ballers and live..ugh

  • Gimmeabreak78

    I smell a multi-million dollar settlement.

  • neen-o

    the picture alone let’s us know that the cops could see THE BACK SEAT OF THE CAR…so this FURTHER let’s me know that they didn’t give a rats a.s.s. about that baby… *sighs* popo’s are a JOKE nowadays!!!!!!!!

  • RedboneKillBill

    Damn near every month there is some sort of unnecessary police shooting, thugs in uniforms is right.

    My prayers to the family.

  • Jay

    The cop is lying.That man did not say he was going to kill anyone. He was trying to get away an they knew he carjacked a lady in a car with her 2 year old son and they fire over 40 shots into the car. I have and apartment on the same road it happen on. Jacksonville Sheriff Department is mostly red necks who are prejudice and ignorant. They will shoot you in the back even if you are running and unarmed.The man did not shoot at them and was trying to flee. All they had to do was follow. There were cpolice cars on the main road. This department has never in it’s existance had any police office prosecuted for shooting a citizen. Never.Jacksonville has long been known for it’s racist attitudes towards minorities.

  • ChellBellz

    Just sad…

  • white male

    being a cop is a thankless job

  • Sarah

    I heard about this. I bet it was a black man that jumped into the car and caused this mess.

  • enkogkneegro

    Ya’ll kill me with this all shyt…..its never all its always some…some. Some ignorant brothas do ignorant shyt, some ignorant cops do shyt, some ignorant sistas, white women, asian muffugas….its just some ignorant folks in all walks of life doing every job there is its just life…

  • Hannibal


  • smittyt

    Aw they,re just end up saying it was a justified shooting and those pigs will walk police force, the ORIGINAL AMERIACN GANGSTERS!!!

  • Canuckville

    lack of job training in the police force…

  • Canuckville

    i was really hoping this didnt happen to any black folks but sure enough……

  • Believe the Innocent

    Isn’t it funny how people are so quick to judge the police when they weren’t even there or have a clue about what went on. Everyone always has something negative to say except…wait…when you actually need them….if u needed them u say they weren’t there fast enough and if you don’t need them and they are around you think they are being lazy n have nothing better to do…how funny n yet at the same time ridiculous. They left that man in the street because he was dead, there was no chance of him making it..I mean really 42 shots in the car…I don’t think he would have had a chance..That officer did what he thought was right at the moment, he wants to go home safe like the rest of us at night…if u were n that situation n a bank robber said he was going to kill you..I’m sure any of us would have opened fire…point is…don’t judge if u weren’t there or part of the situation cause u really have no idea what those officers on scene were going through.

  • E$

    GangCop related ~ Oh, if this was a white baby they would have spent tax money out the azz to save that child

  • http://BAPEUSA BAPE747

    F%#% ya thankless job. F&%8 those praisin’ popo. Put ya head out

  • karlito

    whats wrong with black people they call us racist u shower of wankers and this not to the unracist 1s u cant paint every1 but u get black people a bad name pity it wasnt u

  • NuRae


  • It's Me

    i hope they sue those pigs for millions…poor kid and mother had to go through this, thank God they didn’t die…

  • Tone

    Add it to the list. I remember a story about the police shooting a kid to get the guy using her as a shield. They don’t care so long as they get the suspect.

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