For The Stans: The Beyonce Blow Up Love Doll… It Could Be Your Sweet Dream Or Beautiful Nightmare?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

We just came across the most hilarious, yet disrespectful thing we have seen in a long time… The “She Ain’t No Beyonce Inflatable Love Doll!!!” There is absolutely no way that Bey Bey’s camp doesn’t know about this and if they do, we’re very surprised they didn’t do all they could to stop it. SMH @ 3 Thrilling Love Holes and You Don’t Have to Put a Ring on It…

Pop the Top for a Peek… This is Just PURE COMEDY!!!

Question #1: How many of you think this is BEYOND DISRESPECTFUL???
Question #2: Do any of you know someone that would buy this???

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  • Hannibal


  • cokey

    this is pure comedy…

  • netta

    i thought this was funny. damn beyonce beautiful , but didn’t have to go and make a blow-up doll!! lol

  • Dladystarr

    Lol. This is major disrespectful. Whaaat. This sh*t gonna sell faster than anything. Probably already sold out. I smell a lawsuit. Smh…..

  • Talia "The Soledad"

    I know Beyonce’s camp won’t be a fan of this. There isn’t some intellectual property law against this? Lol.

  • missayla

    yea it is disrecpectful
    and one of my guy friends would but this lool

  • candygirl

    beyonce will put her name on anything for money/she’ll prob. be callin for her cut

  • candygirl

    beyonce will want a cut of this one

  • chick


  • undeniable,beautifully...krys


  • Deirdre B Pride

    I would sue the hell out of them.

  • Theorius Stylez

    ROTFLMAO!! Capitalism….I guess if you can get a generation of fools to happily walk down the street with their pants off of their arshes, you can get them to do anything, including a balloon. Just a funny theory. lol

  • Joe

    While I do think it is disrespectful, I guess I’m not surprised. People will do anything to make a buck. But I wonder why Beyonce’s team hasn’t slapped these manufacturers with some sort of lawsuit yet.

  • I'mJustSayin'

    I agree that Bey-Bey will prolly go along with this if she can make some dollars off of it.

  • LoriE.

    Hell naw! Wow. That’s beyond disrespect.

  • LoriE.

    Chick on the box doesn’t even look like B.

  • memchee

    she should def be filing a suit.

    beyond disrespectful…peeps r sick!

  • i wish i would


  • n_satiable

    It probably is copyright infringement. Even though she may not be the only Beyonce in the world, she probably has the rights to the name (the same way members of the Screen Actors Guild can’t have the same name — like Vanessa Williams and Vanessa L. Williams). I smell a lawsuit as well.

  • lily

    LOL! Everything written on that box is straight COMEDY and a good play of words.

    Don’t think it’s disrespectful because all they did was play-off words and sayings Bey didn’t create, she just used the free words in her own sexual way and they used them in their special LOL way and comedians change the meanings of artists and actors material all the time for a good joke and never get sued, and Beyonce was more than happy to have bootylicious put into the dictionary, all dictionary words are fair use.

  • wendy"Ms. Good"

    Okay Number 1: Hell No this doesn’t look like B and yes this is very disrespectful
    Number 2: I don’t know anyone in my crew that would but some pressed dude that isn’t getting none would….This is extremely funny!!! hahaha

  • kalifa

    is it so hard to get a REAL woman these days?

    with all these hoes running around it never occurred to me that men go out and buy these dolls…..

    they should have a rihanna doll…..she would certainly endorse that…..hoe

  • Star B*tCh

    Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators,


  • white male

    With all the aids talk everywhere I might have to just go for this. – as long as it doesn’t sing.

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