Chad ‘OchoCinco’ Shuckin’ And Jivin’ – In See-Through-Getup – With The Stars

- By Bossip Staff

There seems to be no end in sight for the attention whoring tactics employed by living caricature Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson. We had nothing against ‘Dancing With The Stars’ until the Bengals standout decided to introduce his brand of buffoonery to the program, and this time he wants to do it wearing a see through costume. Pop the hood for details.

“He wants to do a full-on see-through outfit,” says Cheryl Burke, the football star’s DWTS partner. “He’d have to wear a cup, at least—a rhinestone one.”

Or not.

“I may want that to hang out, too,” Ochocinco says.

We certainly wouldn’t put it past him to go as risqué as censors will let him.

Burke laughs, “He’s a character. You never know what you’re going to get. It’s like going to get ice cream. There are so many flavors.”

In one of the rare moments of seriousness during our chat, Ochocinco says he has a newfound respect for ballroom dancing. “I thought it would be easy,” he admits. “Watching it on TV, I thought, How hard could it be?” But now I know the time and the work it takes to perfect this craft is extremely hard.”

His Cincinnati Bengals teammates are supporting him, as is his coach. “His thing is how much this will help me on the field,” Ochocinco explains. “I’m going to be a lot more limber and, of course, I’ll be a lot stronger.”

And he’ll probably be getting into more trouble once he returns to the field. “I’m thinking of dancing with the refs,” he says. “I already have it planned. As soon as he raises his hand I’m going to get right in frame with him and then just start dancing with him.”

This guy is a CLOWN and we are not at all entertained. He’s exploited the myth of the mandingo enough. NOBODY wants to see your johnson — Johnson! And while we can’t argue with his ability as an athlete, it’s a damn shame when your field strategy has more to do with actin’ a damn fool than scoring touchdowns.



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  • ((((((((Ashley)))))))))


  • Well Alright....

    Shuckin’ and Jivin’? Isn’t that headline kinda racist?

  • WhatAWorld

    “Chad ‘OchoCinco’ Shuckin’ And Jivin’ – In See-Through-Getup – With The Stars”

    You shuck and jive for those damn Kardashians,like they give a fluck about what you think.Putting down your own race on a daily,but call yourself the #1 black gossip site.Hahahahahah you guys truly are funny and you need to lay off the derogatory black terms,because you haven’t been black since ’05/’06!CLOWNS!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 17 Days. Bossip is like a big accident...I just can't look away!!!

    Well you ladies were right.

    He isn’t bad looking without all that gold and fronts and crap.

  • why?

    Him and Cheryl would make a nice couple. That is a bad chick real talk, that picture of them is HOT!

  • Gimmeabreak78


    Well, first of all–he is gorgeous. Without the orange mohawk and gold grill, he looks delicious. He has perfect, straight, white teeth and gorgeous skin.

    Now for his dancing–I hate to say it, but he was awful. He’s a wide receiver, so I expected him to be light on his feet. He was very clunky, clumsy, and stiff. His feet looked like they weighed a ton! A few seasons ago Warren Sapp (a much larger man) was on the show and he was almost a ballerina, he was so light on his feet.

    When the judges gave him their comments and scores, he was visibly upset, but their comments weren’t overly harsh at all.

  • grace

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  • King

    I’d hit Cheryl Burke booty…

  • Well then...

    All I know is, I do not care if he is dancing or running downs. I love looking at Chad’s fine self. I sure do. 😀


    He was the dude with the gold mohawk and gold teeth? WOW!

  • QUE

    Cheryl Burke is so beautiful. U can tell she would be thick as hell if she wasnt a dancer lol.

  • Real Talk

    Has any other active pro athletes been on DWTS? I bet everbody from the Bengals begged him not to go on and risk getting injured, shiiiiid he over 30 he better focus on the last few seasons he got left in the league but maybe hes hoping all this attention whorin he does will build his post NFL career

  • Gimmeabreak78

    @Real Talk

    Has any other active pro athletes been on DWTS?

    Yes. There have been several active professional athletes on the show prior to Ochocinco:

    There’s a Winter Olympics gold medalist and , currently active figure skater on the show now, though I can’t think of his name.

    Then there’s Apolo Anton Ohno (speed skater).

    Jason Taylor was actively on the roster as a DE with the Miami Dolphins when he appeared on the show a couple years ago.

    Olympic gymnast Shaun Johnson was also on the show.

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