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Posted by Bossip Staff

Talented photographer Derek Blanks has done it again, and this time, Jennifer Hudson is his muse. She looks spectacular.

More fly imagery coming at cha in 1…

Images via Derek Blanks Myspace Page

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  • Acacia (Who Am I?)

    Hope the album is as good as the photos….

  • Emerald

    Imma go a head an give her props. She’s really improved. I wish she would utilize a stylist at all times and not just for shoot. Cuz she was looking quite hulled earlier this week.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Very classy



  • guilty pleasure

    Beautiful pics…..

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (No 6:15 this year yeah you can stay the night)

    I like the black and whites….I hope she didnt slide off that car šŸ˜¦ cause I prolly would have

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (No 6:15 this year yeah you can stay the night)

    *NU searching for belt and leggings* NONE FOUND!!! She look daxn good šŸ™‚


    The pitures are nice. By the way, I am feeling Jennifer’s first single.

  • 2cute4uā™„ā™„ā™„

    WOW! She looks mighty good in these pics!

  • GirlfriendL

    She looks really nice, where we encourage ladies to put on makeup to make yourself look better. she doesnt look like she is wearing a walmart special, i am suprised that she can look so semi-hi fashion! go girl!

  • oriental

    NICE NICE atleast someone whos got talent to go along with my cuppa

  • trs (Dre knows that he loves him some trs)

    Her skin is absolutely flawless in these pics! Go J-hud!

  • BeReal

    Go J-Hud!

    Do your thang…I am waiting for her album

  • 2cute4uā™„ā™„ā™„

    She kinda went back to the “Effie” look in last two thumbnails. I love the edgy shoulder length bob photos more.

  • so much to say (always late to the game...oh well...

    Good Morning. I am up early. She looks fantastic. I would like this man to take my photo for my gravatar


    My favorite picture is the one that shows her side profile shot with the feathers.

  • finesseyoswagger! (do u...)

    the driving profile pic looks like Missy elliot. Nice photos

  • SWEET CHEEKS((Makes the people say Yeeeaaaa))


    Good Morning Ery’Body!!!!

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (No 6:15 this year yeah you can stay the night)


    Oh you know šŸ™‚

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (No 6:15 this year yeah you can stay the night)


    Im ‘J’ of yall Virgo crew….cause my bday is in May…but HELLO anyhoos..

  • as seen on t.v. (R.I.P. K-Swift)

    In the main pic she sorta resembles Tocarra…

  • 2cute4uā™„ā™„ā™„


    Your haircut is cute, I saw your gravatar on another blog and thought “yeah thats a cute doo”!

  • Acacia (Who Am I?)


    Thanks. My mom cut it. She’s a starving artist (ha ha) That was on my birthday…I was on it!!!!!!!!!

  • Dame

    she looks fab I can’t hate If I tried

  • Acacia (Who Am I?)

    I’m afraid of Tauruses.

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