Vivica’s Man Gets It Poppin With Mr. Khloe Kardashian And Ron Artest

- By Bossip Staff

The Lakers made time to party it up with Vivica Fox’s favorite Atlanta promoter Slimm of Plush Blue while they were in town to play tonight. Pop the hood for more shots of Lamar, Ron and Slimm

Lamar and Ron were spotted out at Primal in Atlanta last night, along with promoters Slimm and Colby of Plush Blue:

Khloe tweeted that she was looking forward to seeing her hubby soon after being away in Miami so long. Do y’all think Lamar looks like he’s missing him some Khloe-kins?

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    Lamar is a loser!!!!1

  • rum&indigo

    why do lamar alway look so fu*king slow in every photo he’s in…?

  • 1987

    Aunt Viv’s man is gooooorgeous! I would ride that shxt until the cows come home! Uuuggghhh…

  • @ rum&indigo

    Because he is slow…have you heard him talk??DAHHHHHHHH!!! Damn near slobing out the mouth!!! He is a disgrace!!!!

  • MS D

    @ rum&indgo I was thinking the same thing when I saw his photo. He really shouldn’t pose for any pictures.

  • starlite

    The young lady next to Lamar is much prettier than his wife Khloe

  • white male

    I see a Lakers loss in the future

  • 00h

    Lamar needs someone to pick out his clothes for him…

  • I Am Legend

    Thats how most people from New York talk all slow and retarded…But for real they was at the club last night and thats the reason why we losin tonight..Damn clubers …Lakers on the path 2 repeat 2010 lets do it again LAKERS

  • KDawg

    Lamar Odom has the most retarded fugly smile

  • JUDY

    Omg! Lamar is standing next to an attractive black woman…..Kigali is not going like this.
    He was probably out shopping for a real wife.

  • kalifa

    Lamar Odom –
    another lame a$$ black man who neglects his kids and marries a white hoe.

    go home and pose next to your kids (who you rarely see) a$$hole!!!

  • neen-o

    tell vivica’s man to TAKE HIS DAMN HAT OFF!!! I need to see a FULL face profile before I decide if he’s yummy…theeeenks

  • real black is chocolate

    The girl near to Lamar is cute as hell!

  • BritChick

    Tall dude needs to work on his smile/grin/smirk.


  • FiveStar

    Viv’s man is supa fine…I would pull that hair while he’s yummin it up donwtown, LMAO

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  • wonder_woman

    Dang Auntie Viv’s man is fire. I see Y her old azz tryna keep her shyt tight!! Odom & Artest are disgusting.

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