Stepmommy Days Ahead For Gabs? D. Wade Slams His Ex In The Press And Files For Sole Custody Of Kids!

- By Bossip Staff

If devoted Daddy Dwyane Wade has his way, we may have to give up calling Gabby Break-A-Union and start calling her STEPMOMMY!!! Wonder if she told her boo she’s not interested in having kids??? Pop the hood for details on D-Wade’s ugly divorce and custody battle.

Dwyane Wade’s divorce from his estranged wife Siohvaughn is getting ugly as fu*k.

Wade’s attorneys recently filed papers with the court asking for sole custody of his two children, claiming that:

Siohvaughn’s behavior “has made it evident that she is unstable, dishonest, unbalanced, unwilling to accept responsibility for her actions, not of good character, and therefore, unfit to be a custodial parent.”

Wade has already said he won’t participate in this summer’s world basketball championship in order to spend more time with his children.

We have to admit we thought it was kinda trife when Siohvaughn filed papers claiming he’d given her an STD and that he had abandoned his children, only to turn around and take that ish back.

Now Wade’s attorneys are the ones pointing fingers, saying, “Siohvaugn had a volatile temper, exhibited threatening behavior, had extramarital affairs and prevented the children from seeing their father.”

Yikes! But some of that extramarital biz sounds kind of POT/KETTLE, if you know what we mean. As for the rest, Dwayne released a public statement this afternoon:

“For more than two years, I have tried to make peace with Siohvaughn concerning our divorce and custody of our kids,” Wade said in a statement released to The AP. “I no longer believe that’s possible. Siohvaughn has consistently attempted to interrupt or prevent me from having visitation time with our boys.”

Sounds like he is NOT PLAYING AT ALL!!! Daddy don’t take no mess.

We hope for the kids sake that this situation is calmed down soon. Kids should not be part of divorce warfare!

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  • imoonah

    who cares… he was dead wrong picking up with Gabby while he was married and she was too… He think he wants the kids we’ll see. Just trying to be spiteful…

  • Stephy

    Sad for the kids, they are having to go through this.



  • why99

    First!!!!!!!! I think……I really hope that she isn’t acting out of spite……..divorces shouldn’t involve the kids…..I hope they can work it out and be mature about the situation…….I love D-wade and Gabrielle but maybe they should have waited until the divorce was final to start dating….kinda tacky and is probably contributing to the drama

  • why99

    crap…..not first…. I took too long writing my comment…maybe next time

  • FyneAsWine


  • rain

    swizzbeats better think his lucky cheating azz stars that Mashonda is nothing like D wade ex wife,,but i do believe she going to get him in the end,if he marrys a keys

  • leonard mckelvey

    Does Gabby know?

  • gina

    well, I don’t think Gabby is excited since she said that she would be a better parent to a pet. she made it clear that she does not want chilren. When males who have chidren chose a mate they should consider these things instead of thinking with their lower region. If a woman does not want children, then the man should keep it moving. You can’t force someone to like your children or treat them well.

  • deesac

    AH HA NO CHILD SUPPORT FOR YOU!! This is what men gotta start doing pretty much obvious a lot of these women out here these days cannot raise no kids with some common sense, and don’t tell me I’m wrong because look at the single mama kids today. So why not put some discipline in kids lifes today.

  • ObamaFan

    Why would he want custody of his kids when Gabby has already stated she does not want to be bothered with kids…He is a dummy…..

  • KJ

    Man everybody wants to think Gabby is innocent but she has always chased fame. She dated Jason Kidd in high school she just locked into Dwayne Wade and when he is tired of her she just gonna try something new like Sanaa..

  • ObamaFan


    I think he needs to find him a new woman.. Gabby has stated more than once how she feels about children.. How will she treat the babies if they come around? I think Gabby was ignorant for opening her mouth about the subject in the first place….If he gets custody she will have to participate in the rearing of those children at some point…..Especially if they live together….

  • viola barnes

    dosen’t matter to me i don’t like either one of them.

  • RU

    gabby never said she was gonna treat someone else kids ill. she said she just didnt want any personnal for herself at this moment. please learn how to read.its not that hard.

  • viola barnes

    i agree with the other person who comment about that she should have waited until they got a divoice

  • glamour girl

    Wade wants custody so he doesnt have to pay child support…He is only doing it for those exact reason…This divorce has been going on for a minute now he is asking for custody….come on….His wife is upset becuz her husband cheating on her during marriage and making Gabby relationship public which has caused much anger and frustration…I think the wife need to regroup herself and not allow this to make her unstable so she want lose her children…Gabby is wrong for crossing another woman especially a married woman husband…At the end when Wife gets focus she will come out better at the end…Maybe wife did cheat a bit after several several cheating years and frustration that her husband has been doing to her…Wife loves her husband and family…This is all wrong….Now I can not like Wade nor Gabby for distroying a family…I lost much respect for Gabby and Alica Keys this isnt sisterhood this is considered selfish and morally incorrect…This I could not tolerate…Wade Wife hold your head up high and dont let these fools get the best of you…

  • memchee

    wow! That’s good if he’s trying to actually spend time with his children given his schedule.

    I recently heard that the Wades were separated and in the process of getting a divorce during the birth of the last child…amongst other things.

    If this is all true then Siohvaughn needs to let go and move on, for the sake of the children.

    Gabby prob said that mess in anticipation of the fallout from Dwayne’s upcoming custody battle.

  • viola barnes

    aint that the truth some black women don’t care

  • Bossip's Commenting Thing Sucks Big Black B.a.l.l.s

    @Glamour Girl—you took the words right out of my mouth. You must be a grown woman who knows the tricks. D. Wade found out how much money he has to pay her and he’s PISSED, especially since they aren’t getting along. This is an old, tired approach for men trying to get out of paying child support—say the mama is crazy with issues and file for sole custody. Unless his ex is a complete psycho and unfit mother (i.e. strung out on drugs, neglecting them with no food, clothes, shelter, or putting them harms way), D. Wade might as well pay up and move on!

  • lala

    Ummm that doesn’t make sense to say he doesn’t want to pay child support. He’s still spending money on them in his care, probably more, yo have to buy food, clothes, dr appointments, schools, little league and all that shit, so how exactly is he saving money by taking having sole custody? It’s not cheap raising kids, especially on your own. So that statement makes no sense to me. Anyway, props to him for wanting his kids and wanting to see them, more men need to be that way. I liked how he said OUR boys instead of her kids or the kids. That’s whats up.

  • Observer


    AH HA NO CHILD SUPPORT FOR YOU!! This is what men gotta start doing pretty much obvious a lot of these women out here these days cannot raise no kids with some common sense, and don’t tell me I’m wrong because look at the single mama kids today. So why not put some discipline in kids lifes today.

    What are you talking about? Siovaughn, Dwades ex was with him wayyy before he got famous and was a good mother to their kids and a good wife to him. He cheated on her and left for Gabby. He was the problem in their relationship, not his ex wife. Some women cannot raise kids, and a lot of men cannot either. Siovaughn is not one of the mothers who are unstable.

  • Observer

    Dwade cheated on his wife, and they divorced. Now he just does not want to pay her child support cause they do not get along now. A lot of these problems he caused himself.

  • Dwayne go away

    He’s a hypocrite…all these athletes who cheat and bring other people into their marriages, cause pain, and then try to blame the wife, are all hypocrites.


  • JUDY

    Its time for the ex wife to move forward.I know Dwayne hurt her but she should not try to use the kids to punish him. She needs to stop being spiteful and get on with her new life and find a new man. Who cares what Gabby said,they’re not married,his children come first.

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