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Meet Kizzy “Sugar Walls” Campbell of Florida. When her man, Johnny Lowe, came home, he discovered she’d been sending out online pictures of her va-jay-jay to other men. This heifer claimed it was all a big mistake, but when Johnny went in for the hug that’s when things got really freaky. Pop the top.

A Florida woman claiming to have mistakenly sent a very revealing photo of her private parts to men she was chatting with on the Internet was arrested by sheriff’s deputies last week and charged with battery after assaulting her boyfriend who had discovered the online activities.

According to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office report, while Kizzy Campbell was away from the home they share, Johnny Lowe came across some “very provocative” chat messages between his girlfriend and “‘other dudes'” on their computer. Checking more closely, Lowe, 28, looked at the outgoing messages and discovered that Campbell, 31, “had taken a photo of her vagina and sent it out.”

When she returned home, “Campbell ‘started tripping’ because she ‘hadn’t meant’ to send out the photo.” Lowe, who told a sheriff’s deputy that he believed her when she said that the image was sent out mistakenly, then gave Campbell a hug because “he was simply trying to be understanding,” but Campbell responded by biting, scratching, and cutting his arm with a kitchen knife. After the fighting ensued, Lowe hit Campbell in the mouth and the couple, who have lived together for seven years, were both charged with battery and taken to jail.

Hope we didn’t ruin your breakfast with the thought of that broke down coochie.




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