Coupled Up

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Amerie and her long time boyfriend/manager Lenny Nicholson were photographed strolling the streets of Hollyweird yesterday holding hands and ish. How precious…

Images via WENN

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  • iluvprada


  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    not feeling the orange


    I love Amerie. Her stylist does a good job with her appearence as well. Too bad her marketing team sucks. Her album BECAUSE I LOVE IT is the truth!!!! Def have that in heavy rotation. Cute boo A! Keep the good music coming too 🙂

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (No 6:15 this year yeah you can stay the night)

    They are cute….and they are letting it be know they are an item…holding hands in the air….

  • The( Delicious ♥ ) Ms. Sugar Walls

    She is cute! I like this song that she has

    :Someone like me

    and I like her first CD it was cool

    those heels are hot, and I love those jeans, but I have to much ass for those..

    IS that Ryan Leslie

    Ryan leslie, is Cassie’s EX

  • PHILLY IN DA 323

    they look like relatives man!

    whats with the mouth thing

  • iluvprada

    @ The (Delicious) Ms. Sugar Walls…It looks like Ryan Leslie, but I don’t think that is him.

  • GirlfriendL

    ryan leslie looks like a geek nerd weirdo thats like 2 ft tall. amerie looks great! we love her @

  • cutie pie

    were these sent in by Amerie herself?? why aren’t there other people in the street??

    Publicity..gotta love it


    For the first time in a long time I’m diggin’ Amerie’s laid back look. Subtle yet fly.

    Lol @ Cutie Pie! Why AREN’T there other people in the street?!!!


    LOL@ cutie pie………

  • Aunt Viv

    LOL@cutie pie,

    Spellcheck ’em girl!

  • D.P

    She look mad skinny in these pics

  • Lil' Kevin Mayne

    she’s got style

  • WhatsYoursIsMine- Putting Her Support Behind Bro/Sis Team Erinn and Keeth Smart of the US Olympic Fencing Team USA! USA!

    WHOA! In that first picture, her manager looks like the guy that works for Kimora Lee.

  • Mandah! is shocked, rip everybody...

    @sugar walls

    IS that Ryan Leslie

    Ryan leslie, is Cassie’s EX


    naw boo, and if it was then that would be crack… lol which is what amerie looks like shes on, loved the “touch” album but shes been sleeping lately, sorry.

  • BlackBeauty

    I heard that they have been married for a while. Has anyone else heard that?

  • Marshabio


  • cutie pie*kindly putting people on blast est.1985*

    hey hey don’t make fun of my grammar..i’m usually on point most days lol



  • mz.cee

    …nice style!

  • **

    She looks nice.

  • geefunk227

    I hope yo man appreciates all the swagger,cash,opportunites and free trips your missing.In a world where a woman’s loyalty is questioned out steps AMERIE.A true down A#$ chick.I pray he doesn’t cheat on you.You’re sacrificing so much so NOBODY’S FEELINGS get hurt.I always thought you were one of the hottest chicks in the game.Keep that BLACK ASIAN swagger popin.You got the look …..But apparently He…….GOT THE HOOK.The poor man lives through game and back shots with his feet off the bed.It’s attack of the WANG DANG DOODLE.If your girl is into tall dudes with cash,and you are short and broke…..It’s the WANG DANG DOODLE.DEREK SKEETER SLIDING INTO YOUR HOME GET THE GRAVY READY HE’S COMING WITH A MEATY BONE!!!TAKE THAT TAKE THAT!!!LOL

  • The Caps Lock button should be banned...or used appropriately. (Re's B-day in 17 days)

    LOLOL! Nikki….I swear you are stoopid for that hands in the air comment…

  • SWEET CHEEKS((Makes the people say Yeeeaaaa))

    they look cute!!!

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