For Those In Denial: Nicki Minaj Is Obsessed With Lil Kim

- By Bossip Staff

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Nicki Minaj is more than just a little influenced by Lil Kim. To see some side-by-side comparisons just… Continue

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  • Minority Report

    Wow, tell me something I did not already know

  • nay

    we all knew this already

  • thablackyoutube

    That’s scary to think about!

  • chaniece

    nikki minaj words:i think she f…kin wayne she call her self lewinski dat mean she give em brain she tryna be like lil kim her picture looks the same.simply proves she was rite u guys haters.she a better lil kim anyway.

  • Dilla

    Nicki Minaj=FAIL at trying to be Lil Kim, she doesn’t even come close. Kim actually has style, this broad needs to burn her stylist.

  • dr philly

    How don’t you know? You can clearly see this chick loves her some kim I notice that when she did lil kims famous pose anyway o well



  • TRUTH IS....

    how original….smh…..two skanks! who do young girls have to look up to these days…??

  • deesac

    Nicki is a Copy cat with a banging body, but there nothing like the orignal Lil Kim you better go back and listen to some of her songs Lil Kim is RAW!!


    Will the real Barbie pleez stand up!!! Roger that…

  • http://bossip miss dior

    I say go away too, she’s a gimmick!

  • Mock Rock Star


    4/3/10, 11:13:am

    Nicki is a Copy cat with a banging body, but there nothing like the orignal Lil Kim you better go back and listen to some of her songs Lil Kim is RAW!!

    I had to go and listen to “Queen B*tch”…although I don’t agree with women calling themselves b*tches…but hey…I was an adolescence when that song came out so I blame my youth. That song still bangs though:

    Big’s part: U n*gga got some audacity
    U sold a million now U half of of me
    Get off my d*ck
    Kick it b*tch Uhh

    Wow…this is terrible, but I loved this sh*t (except the b*tch part…never been a fan of that) back in the day

  • missbrittbritt

    “Black Barbie dressed in Bulgari I’m tryin to leave in somebody’s Ferrari”

    – lil kim

  • redcora


  • BOB

    its so obvious lil kim did it alot better , and nicki minaj face expressions just wanna make you slap her

  • I'm bambi *itch!

    Well she clearly did a “Roger That” on lil Kim style.

  • von de marco

    im so glad ppl are starting to take notice. Nicki is a gimmick. She never pays Kim respect. She will never be Queen Bee

  • Blasian

    Well who didn’t know that

  • :)

    case and point.

  • rum&indigo

    this one was pretty obvious…

    half the time i cant understand what nicki is rapping about, she really doesnt ENUNCIATE because she spends so much time trying to sound different. but really she only sounds like a carbon copy kim.

  • juliemango

    So NM has plastic surgery in the works???

  • Somali Ninga


  • I'll Aways Be...

    Steal from the best ant make it your own


    Fake Nikki Garbaj

  • DarthH8ter

    does she also have a ghost writer?

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