For The Stans: BeyBey Rocks Coochie-Cutters On A Dinner Date With Julius

- By Bossip Staff

Beyonce and her boo Julius Jay-Z had a Easter Eve date last night at Nello in NYC last night.

BeyBey’s legs are looking on point, but what did y’all think of her Chanel-ed out rich woman from the waist up, daisy duke wearing hoochie from the waist down outfit???

Pop the hatch to peep Camel and Bey together and more pics….

SMH. We need to see some more PDA from these m’fers ASAP.

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  • Monique

    They don’t look like a happy couple. Show some kind of affection. They look bored with one another.

  • Lah

    Happy Easter! In every pic she covering her belly. Congrats to Bey and Jay.

  • givemedatbeat504

    They dont have to be on each other 24/7 to mean they hav a loving real relationship. Gosh u cant tell dat dey always jus wanna hav a private get together and the paparazzi always finds them. Of course that comes with the fame but still im sure they just want to be regular some days.

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    She would’ve looked perfect if she would’ve ditched that t-shirt underneath.

    Must be nice to be a celeb & literally wear whatever you please @ certain 5 star/upscale joints lol.

  • Tiffanie

    Beyonce is so damn fake, Jay is so down to earth I really dont see what he sees in her, she has no personality at all.

  • Cici Stan

    she got no legs. she looks aneurexia. she looks like she lost major weight!

  • kaly

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  • lili

    She looks better with curves. Her neck is so long. She’s an average chick with weave make-up and eye lashes. I’m still trying to figure out whats the hype about her.

  • minerva

    if ms b was dripping in chanel-head to toe-you’d still have something negative to say; i guess its the nature of the beast…….
    everyone else wears what they like; why can’t she?!!?
    i’ve seen worse on the streets, on huge women
    & they’d kill you if anything was said- at least she can pull this look off!!

  • av

    you really cant go wrong with Chanel, duh! even if you are ugly, and you’re rocking Chanel you are fresh!

  • minerva

    and by the way, most of you don’t know what a loving relationship even looks like; you’ve never seen one, been in one……
    do you see the president & first lady all hooked-up like ghetto rats?!!? denzel & his wife? pda is not a barometer of affection !
    haven’t you learned anything from all the gossip blogs? eve & lance… sandra & her hubby.. tiger & his wife….. john edward & his wife…..faces of perfection; nobody home!
    old saying: can’t judge a book by its cover

  • Bossip's Commenting Thing Sucks Big Black B.a.l.l.s

    Other than the shoes, that outfit is NOT cute. Sorry, another BUST for Ms. Tacky Texas.

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  • Artemis

    She been working hard on her body the last 2 years. Who wouldn’t wanna show off a bit?

  • http://BOSSIPP Kim

    Her legs look a ugly scared muscular mess. I am tired of her lion king country looking…….Jay-Z always looking like the boss he is…then he got this ghetto weave wearing hussy depreciating his value.
    Thank God for this day of forgiveness I stay needing it. HAPPY EASTER

  • lala

    Hate the outfit but love the shoes. And yeah they need to show more affection, hold hands, smile at each other, LOOK at each other. DO SOMETHING!! My Gawd.

  • TxGal

    She has no taste in the clothing she wears. True she has the money to wear whatever she likes but at least have good taste in what you are wearing. Also that little trick with the hand on her stomach reminds me of Nicole Kidman doing the same thing. For someone that does not want publicity she sure knows how to go about it getting it. If she wanted privacy than why attract it.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    She looks rich from the waist up and poor from the waist down, how do you pair a chanel jacket with a daisy duke, Bey?

  • Interlude

    Happy Easter to those who believed Christ rose on the third day.

  • ladolcevita

    with all the money this chick has unless she is on stage she looks like the poster child of Rainbow

  • Sad sad sad...

    Beautiful girl but that is the most ridiculous outfit ever.

  • LongLiveJayonce

    She Looks So FIERCE!!! Happy Two Year Anniversary JAYONCE. Lmaooo @ Julius. LONG LIVE JAYONCE!!!!!!!!!:) happy easter everyone….

  • tadream

    She looks great. It is funny how people who shop at H&M & Fovever 21 are knocking Bey’s style.

  • Blasian




  • law

    damn dem damn leggs look good. id luv to get wrappd up in dem. aint nuthn like a woman that cares how she looks

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