Seen On The Sports Scene: Eve, Keshia Knight Pulliam, And Letoya Luckett

- By Bossip Staff

E-V-E, Keshia Knight Pulliam, and Letoya Luckett hit up the 83rd Clyde Littlfield Texas Relays at Mike A. Myers Stadium in Austin.

More pics on the flipside…


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  • caribbean coons standing in hate of black americans

    if chris brown had a brain he’d be dating one of these pretty ladies, who know how to treat a gentleman, and not provoke him

  • philly

    chris brown like skin bright and damn near he aint checking for any of these pretty girls

  • Marquis de Sade

    Gee, I don’t know, bot for some reason, lookin’ at these photos, T-Pain’s “I’M IN LOVE WITH A STRIPPER” just sprung up in my head. Dang, I hated when that happens.

  • kalifa

    three boring has-beens

  • Silent Swagg

    they all looks so fab…HATERS!!lol

  • TRUTH IS....

    so because these three aren’t attention hoes…they boring and are has been….wow…they are beautiful black ppl….they can past for sisters!


    It’s always great to see three strong black sistahs doing their thing. Haters are going to hate and the world goes round and round!

  • tessa

    I guess these cute ladies are out on the prowl for ballers?

  • realdwn2erth

    I think all of these young ladies look very, nice! As, they enjoy themselves without men, on a beautiful, sunshinny day!!! 🙂

  • ***JUDY***

    Cute girls. I didnt even recognize Eve.

  • bk

    they are beautiful!! i love keisha!

  • smittyt

    Who,re those three skinny sticks?

  • Big B

    Eve need to hide them feet!!!

  • shhh

    sorry but they dont look fab.latoys has on to much at once..keyshia is really a nobody and eve is old school when did they become friends…im sure white folks are wondering who they r

  • TRUTH IS....

    ^^^ who cares what white folks think?? you know them right?!?

  • Diamond


    They do look normal and nice…Casual…and in shape… Eve even looks decent…what’s the problem, for real…..???

  • Reality

    shhhh this is 2010. You want white people to approve your Stan.k on everything. You pump red and blue blood through your system like any other human randomly galavanting the big blue marble called earth. These three are beautiful black real jewels of the Nile. Keisha is well educated, Latoya was the most talented of the original destiny’s child; those two I would marry. As a Christian forgive me but I would hit that eve kitty, something about her can’t explain. But ignorant haters get educated then learned in school word is bond.

  • True2fee

    I got mad love for toya and ive always been a fan of keisha, eve is a little played but she still tryin lord bless her. Please stop hatin on sisters just tryin to live life, persue thier dreams and trying to have somethin in life. Come on ppl we could learn a little something from these ladies if we play attention…dont always go right to judging and hatin..

  • Amerika-jin

    They all look great!


    they all look cute and they are doing their thing so whats really good ??

  • shhh

    @truth is i dont have to know them thats how i feel

  • sheez-da-truth

    pretty cuz its hard to look good in sunlight…im just sayin

  • Oh No

    That’s a whole lotta weave in one pic.

  • GTRUTH33


  • kellz ya boy

    these females look real good real black females
    is all ways good to see since we are origanal first ones hear anyhear anyway so keep hatein

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