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Zoe Saldana is on the cover of yet another magazine happily spewing her usual Afro-Latina equality references like we haven’t read them in Essence, Nylon and Glamour magazine already. Pop the hood for what she said this time…

Zoe is on the cover of Mujer this month, speaking to her Latino peeps about being proud of their African roots:

“I’m just Zoe. Not a little bit Dominican, not a little bit Puerto Rican, none of that silliness…I am what you want me to be if that’s what it takes for you to overcome your insecurities. As a Latina, I think we should be very proud of our heritage. We tend to look for European roots and reject the indigenous and the African, and that is disgusting. Being Latin is a mix of everything. I want my people to not be as insecure, and to adore what we are because it’s beautiful.”

It’s not like Lala didn’t already hit us over the head with this one.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s great to be proud of your heritage, but we are so over this chick and her little racial quotes… Okay we get it, enough already!


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