Cry Me A River: Nick Cannon Screams He Existed Before He Married The Drunken Munki Mariah Carey

- By Bossip Staff

We’re glad Nick Cannon has a sense of humor when it comes to being called “Mr. Mariah Carey” and man servant because we thought it was funny as hell when we heard they got married. In the latest issue of JET, Nick explains that he was “SOMEBODY” before his marriage…

Pop the Top for a Peek…

Nick Cannon laughs when people call him “Mr. Mariah Carery,” even though he’s been married to his wife, Mariah, for two years now. The self-professed “entrepretainer” – an entrepreneur first and entertainer second – is certainly accomplished in his own right. He became a millionaire at 15 and is the CEO of his own multi-media company, NCredibile Entertainment and chairman of the Teen Nick television network. “That type of stuff is humorous to me,” he tells JET. “If I were an insecure individual or if that was true, that type of statement – that I’m a ‘boy toy’ or ‘yes man’ and all that type of stuff – would bother me. But anybody who knows me or talks to me for five minutes knows clearly that’s not the picture.”

Nick… It’s okay!!! We know you were an established individual before Mariah Carey BUT… being married to that Diva, the only thing you could be in the relationship is MARIAH’s B*TCH!!!!

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  • LaDiva

    Hey if he is comfortable like that then oh well

  • soho

    So what? Nick is a good guy & he loves his wife. Would it be better if he I K E D her up?

    Models Needed w w w Make Lots Of $$$

  • gulfcoast

    Nick, don’t you know that you should have gold teeth, pants hanging off your but, no grammatical skills, multiple babies by different women to be accepted by many in the black community as a “real man”? Come on man, you shouldn’t have a business mind unless you are selling drugs! Get rid of those suits that corporate America demands and become a real brother!

  • Nique (Cuz I'm a laaady)

    Awwww Nick…..we believe you!





  • Mrs. Rance

    Everyone knows Nick was the man before he met Mariah. Blogs just need something to talk about and mean is better than nice for them. Mariah is the lucky one in this scenario if you ask me. Got her a young, rich tenderoni with a good head on his shoulders.

  • nat

    Well done Nick. These are the type of men that I want boys to be looking up to.

  • CocoPuffs

    Nick is cool with me. I really like the guy its dumb blogs who get off on hating and starting trouble. Nick is strong and driven, making it happen. I love that and wish he and his wife well.

  • ayo

    Ayo mariah from Derek jeter to nick cannon. Downgrade lol.

  • cruzan trini

    Yeah Nick Cannon was someone BEFORE Mariah, but the question is what are you doing NOW???


    you tell them nick cuz people aint even read what u just said ….u said you have your own network….

  • tg

    He did – but he knows the deal in Hollywood. You lose your identity to whoever the media THINKS is bigger at the time. No need of him taking it personal. Since he was someone before he married Mariah and has been in the business long enough – he should have expected this to happen.

  • 2dimplzs

    @ Just Sit and Be Pretty:

    THANK YOU GIRL!!!! I totally agree with you too!

  • http://bossip Spook By the Door

    Word Up Nick!………get yourzz!

  • Reality

    Go Nick. As a brother I appreciate Nicks work ethic, still corny though. He is a great husband for Mariah; white Bo.y claiming jeter is better oh how wrong you are. Nick hit that glitter kitty with that Mandingo desert eagle, why do you think Christina milian still thinking about the brother. Seen Mimi lately smiling like she still living with her parents in junior hi. And swirled up chick here is some knowledge no woman is better than an educated black woman, they also know how to give heavenly climaxes. Mimi is a bright hue black woman too thus can sing.

  • pebblebeach

    It is cool Nick….she goes home with you at night and that is all that matters…

  • Bey-nonsense

    Nick Cannon is an upgrade for Mimi because he seems to genuinely care about Mariah. You’ve never seen Derek Jeter treat Mariah in public like Nick does. Mariah and Nick= WIN

  • Bey-nonsense

    Bottom line: Nick didn’t have to do this interview- he works hard and wants to have things. Plus, he seems to have a fun personality. That’s a win for the blacks in my book.

  • rmb

    @Swirled up chick: Did you not get the memo Mariah IS black @ least if you let her tell it:-) Funny how she isn’t black when you wanna talk trash about him marrying her but when she was ALLOVER the cover of JET (and a few other”notable” black mags)that whole “drop of black blood” bs it was all love! What’s good folks, do you even know what or whom you support? If they’re happy NAD they clearly are, STOP hatin and be happy for them! That is all:-)

  • Miami chick

    Do you thang Nick & shake the haters off!

    Nick was worth around $22-26 million when he married Mariah, he doesn’t need her. He’s with her b/c he wants to be; which is why she’s with him.

  • thablackyoutube

    I agree that Mr. Cannon has enhanced himself since being married to Mariah. He has grown up alot!!

  • Toya

    On The blogs it’s always so much Drama and Hate, but then again that’s how blogs are set up 2 be, and “Drama” attracts more attention! Most of us are all Missing the Point… Nick and Mariah are Happy and in Love and we should be happy for the Both of them do you know how hard it is to find that Love not to mention stay in it? Congratulations Nick and Mariah!


    Nick is d man. He was somebody and still is b4 he met Mariah.Haters,go get urs

  • princedonte

    I agree with some of these comments foronce.Nick is a revocable black man. He has never been to jail or lived a devious lifestyle. He has always been a good role model. I like Nick and the world needs more men like him.

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